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Guess Who Produces Hazy Tune "Love You Till I Die"

Guess Who is a vocalist and producer that comes from Seattle Washington. He’s been producing music for less than a year due to coming from a musically inclined household. He’s currently experimenting to find his own sound but it seems as if he may know what his niche is with the atmospheric and ethereal sound “Love You Till I Die”. The release of this provisional record has many unique elements that makes it a groundbreaking hit. “Love You Till I Die” fuses together multiple different components of various different genres which includes pop, trap, hip-hop, cinematic sound FX, and alternative electronic. He takes a little from everything to fabricate a beat that becomes magnifying and riveting. I like how he also included vocals which was a great detailed effect on the song due to the texture that surrounds his voice. It’s soft and delicate so it’s perfect to manufacture a dream-like omen while listening to the song because you fall victim to the magnetic resonance and delicate, cloudy melody. Guess Who exceeded my expectations as a beginner in producing, and there’s no doubt in my mind he has a prosperous career ahead of him.

Give a listen to "Love You Till I Die" now on Spotify, and read below for Guess Who's exclusive interview!


Guess Who you’ve only been producing for little less than a year now! What encouraged you to begin and how has it been so far?

I wanted to be a musician for as long as i can remember. I started rapping when i was 14 years old, and it came pretty naturally because I had listened to my dad drum for my entire childhood so groove and rhythm came pretty naturally. A lot of people don't know this but i was extremely nervous and self conscious about making music back then- I was always concerned about what people would think in my home town cause there weren't very many "Rappers" so to speak. That self consciousness really hindered me in my younger years, but as i got older I got over it and decided that it doesn't matter what anyone thinks about my music. Now I just make music that I like, and let it attract whoever it might attract.Getting over that fear has helped me progress immensely in a short amount of time- and my music is getting so much better, It's really starting to show. I shifted my attention over to producing because I wanted to be able to create my own instrumentals and my own beats. I actually just recently fell in love with EDM Music so my music has a big electronic influence now. 

When producing the song “Love You Till I Die” what was one of the most challenging aspects?

Heres a funny story about that actually hahaha. We recorded that entire song with the mic backwards and it wasn't until we were recording the very last chorus that we realized we messed up. we spent a couple more sessions recording with the mic on the right way but we couldn't get the same sound that we wanted so we just said F it, and stuck with the original recordings. It ended up working out in the end, always check your mics people. 

How would you describe the beat in “Love You Till I Die” from an artist perspective?

I would describe "Love You Till I Die" As an example of the great music you can make when it comes from the soul. The vocalist on the song is one of my best friends so everything came so naturally, the vibe was always great from start to finish. I wrote that song from a broken heart, and I kept that same emotion the entire time I was making it. Music is always better when it comes from raw emotion- we never wavered from that and in turn we got a great track.

What’s the whole meaning behind the record?

"Love You Till I Die" is about heart break and being scared that you're going to Love the person the person that hurt you until you die.I wanted the drop to be Happy and Bright because its like a major contrast from the lyrics. it symbolizes a shining light in the darkness- the fact that eventually you'll heal, and have this amazing break through into happiness again.

Have you noticed any growth in your producing since you began and now?

Yes I have noticed a huge amount of growth in my production since i started. 7 Months ago I could barely figure out how to make a drum beat in my DAW, fast froward 7-8 months and I am composing entire songs. It just goes to show, you can do anything you want in life as long as you combine passion and hard work. 


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