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"Guess Who? (You don't know)"... It's LadiNeptune

Las Vegas' star child hip-hop and r&b recording artist LadiNeptune sends her charm through the airwaves with her cool, calm, and collected new single, "Guess Who? (You don't know)."

Hip-hop is not just a genre for the rapper-songwriter, but a lifestyle. LadiNeptune also takes great pride in creating pristine, prismatic alternative sounds of blues, soul, and neo-soul that adds a blissful edge to her brand. Inspired by the tough grind of Slick Rick, Lil Wayne, Aaliyah, DMX, Jill Scott, and more, LadiNeptune strives to share her dense content with the world.

We recently had the pleasure of sonically introducing ourselves to LadiNeptune through her recent single, "Guess Who? (You don't know)," off her debut 4-track EP '#iGoByLadi.' The Vegas-based rapper began recording music in 2019, but it's clear her heart's been in the game long before that. In other words, you don't stumble upon artists like this every day.

Jumping into "Guess Who? (You don't know)," the track opens with a nostalgic 60s-like sample that oozes all the soul and passion we need. As the warm and mid-tempo hip-hop drums begin tapping through our speakers, LadiNeptune jumps into her first verse with the utmost poise and composure, letting us know that she's been busy "speaking greatness into existence [with] the universe as [her] witness."

LadiNeptune displays such a joyful and charismatic presence that truly helps us get to know her within this 2-minute song. You'd never find her where the drama is; she's kicking back with her spirit guides doing astrology. The song's beat continues to groove with the same uplifting vibe as LadiNeptune's performance, and we're genuinely appreciative of such a welcoming experience.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, LadiNeptune. We adored the feel-good and uplifting experience you've provided on your recent single, "Guess Who? (You don't know)." What inspired this witty and go-getting single?

Thank you for the welcome. It's a pleasure to be here. The inspiration for "Guess Who? (You don't know)" actually came from a dream I had one night, and the background music was "Under the Sun" by Dreameville, J.Cole, DaBaby, and Lute.

So I went ahead and started forming a song to express and properly introduce myself.

Your rhythm and positive bars in "Guess Who? (You don't know)" are incredibly cohesive. What was that songwriting process like?

Ah! The writing process came from revising and vocalizing my day-to-day life and who I am as a person. I've always loved writing stories as a child, and now I have shifted into performing them in song.

Why did you choose to place "Guess Who? (You don't know)" as the introductory track on your recent EP, '#iGoByLadi'? Do you feel this track sets the tone for the project?

Serving as the answer that more than likely first comes to mind after reading the EP title #iGoByLadi. I wanted to grab your attention and clear up some unknown things for the new, and rejoice with my day one fan who's been waiting for this project since I released "Still Talking," a Freeverse, nearly two years prior.

What does the EP, '#iGoByLady,' mean to you? Does it mark any significant moments or milestones within your music career?

This project marked the beginning of staying committed and true to myself. I also needed to stay sane in the pandemic, so I made my own party/club songs preparing for the day that I would perform again. I got a lot of ENERGY to share.

What's next for you?

Up next! I will be releasing an LP. I also have shows booked for 2022 and a few singles in-between time. My next virtual performance will be on Instagram with @Dominoduel, so please be sure to follow and stay tuned to learn more.

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