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Gun Boi Kaz Will Have You Craving a Night Out with “JAWS!”

Gun Boi Kaz has collaborated with rapper XINCLAIR to produce the new single “JAWS!” that will immediately transport the listener back to those memorable, carefree nights surrounded by their people.

A breezy melody played by an electric guitar introduces the nostalgic essence that “JAWS!” brings the listener. A motivational 808 trap beat is soon layered over the youthful melody, creating a sense of vitality and vigor. A hard-hitting bass beat will have your sub-woofers pulsating at the right moments throughout “JAWS!,” which places emphasis on certain critical phrases that will resonate with the listener. Inspired by some of the greatest Hip-Hop artists to grace the stage such as Kanye West, XXXTENTACION, Travis Scott, and LilPeep, Gun Boi Kaz aims to make his own reverberating contributions to the world of Hip-Hop.

With the courageous goal of being named alongside these legendary artists, Gun Boi Kaz is taking an enormous leap in the right direction with “JAWS!” He leaves the listener with no doubt that he belongs in the world of Hip-Hop as he and XINCLAIR flow seamlessly between each verse, keeping the energy level dynamic throughout the entire track. In addition to his rapping talent, Gun Boi Kaz showcases his musical versatility by bringing a charismatic melody to “JAWS!” in a style comparable to the likes of Juice WRLD and Nav.

What was your inspiration behind the creation of “JAWS!” Could you elaborate on the message behind your lyrics?

“JAWS!” was created as a ‘block the hate’ sort of track. It emphasizes moving onto the finer things in life in an aggressive and almost arrogant way that’s also catchy enough to be stuck in the listener's head for a while. With summer coming up, I wanted to create a song that gets people going and I think this track does just that. While creating the song, I was heavily inspired by people who have doubted me and my music both now and in the past. I honestly see this song as a big middle finger to those people.

Could you describe your collaboration with XINCLAIR for “JAWS!” and what individual talents you each brought to the table?

This song was made recently when I took a trip to Arizona and met XINCLAIR in person for the first time; we had known each other over the internet for three years prior. The energy in the room while recording this track was unmatched. We had my producer JAI (@prodjai) make the beat from scratch and we basically just went off the top from there. I was able to harness a new style of rapping/singing for myself, and XIN’s verse was really the icing on the cake. Overall, the creation of this track was a very efficient, vibrant, and energetic vibe that I’ll always cherish when listening back to it.

You mentioned that you are inspired by Hip-Hop artists Kanye West, XXXTENTACION, Travis Scott, and Lil Peep. How have these artists influenced your music style and your music style in “JAWS!?”

All of those artists and more have definitely inspired my lyricism, sound, and style. For this song, I definitely channeled my inner Kanye and Peep with the arrogance and feel of the lyrics, while also pulling inspiration from X and Travis for the catchiness of the flows and overall energy of the track.

How does “JAWS!” compare to your other tracks? Has your music style evolved over time?

I think “JAWS!” Is one of my top favorites out of the songs I’ve released so far. As I said, the energy in this one is unmatched and I don’t think any of my other songs are quite like it. My style is definitely evolving as I expand my horizons and listen to more and more new artists. I’ve noticed that my sound changes with the seasons, so with summer coming up, you can expect a lot more tracks with the same bounciness and catchiness.



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