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Gunning For the Top, Preston Chase Leaps Into "Gunna Man"

Preston Chase is a Hip-hop artist and songwriter hailing from Newport News, VA. Currently residing in the music Mecca city of Atlanta, GA, his melodic and witty delivery gives his music added dimension.

At an early age, Preston Chase found a deep love for writing music with his first rap verse being created at the age of 8. He transformed from an avid listener and part-time artist to a full-time artist in 2014 where he formed a group and branched out to work with various artists. Blazing a trail of fire with each release, Preston Chase has his eyes set on the top.

Encouraging his listeners to lock into the vibrant and upbeat soundscape of his most recent single “Gunna Man,” Preston Chase amplifies the energy in a way that has his fan base fully engaged. Preston Chase embraces the new wave of Hip-hop by melodically rapping his lyrical verses that scream ‘this is a real emcee.’ Not coming to play, you fall deep into a trance with his alluring energy surging through your speakers.

Flexing an unmatched swagger, the vigor placed into a track of this caliber has Preston Chase establishing himself in a lane of his own. “Gunna Man,” contains all trademarks of a signature hit. The repetitiveness that locks into the chorus has us flawlessly chanting the words right back to the up-and-coming artist as we feed into the liveliness he serves up on a silver platter.

“It’s a hustle race, won’t beat me to it,” is the lyrical motif that packages the true essence of this single and the persons of Preston Chase into a fortified showcase of virtuoso techniques. There’s no telling what tricks he’ll be pulling out of his pocket anytime soon, and that’s what we love about the music Preston Chase creates. In the meantime, we’ll happily douse ourselves in another round of “Gunna Man.”

Welcome to BuzzMusic Preston Chase and congratulations on the release of “Gunna Man.” The energy you bring forth is unmatched! What is the inspiration behind the lyrics of this song?

Thank you I appreciate the support BuzzMusic shows to the music community, as an artist we really do appreciate it when the audience picks up on the vibes we are trying to convey. The inspiration behind “Gunna Man” was to give people an anthem, I wanted to make a song to put people in a mood “to just go out and get it”. “By any means necessary “ like the brother Malcolm X once said. I wanted to give the audience a mantra that they could start their day with.

We can only imagine how much fun the studio session was when recording this song. Could you please take us into what that process looked like and who helped bring this song to life?

The studio session for this one started off with good energy. My producer A-Man who is by the way producer /engineer of Gunna Man called and said “P. Chase I got one for you come through,” and just hung up on me lol. So I ended coming for the session soon as I got there he had a smile on his face and just turned on the beat. After I heard it I knew I had to go in on it. With the beat being so hard-hitting I know I had to come with a chant-type hook and some witty, aggressive wordplay. So I just got in both thinking to myself “talk that talk.” And I just started rapping and it just all came together. Once I saw the look on A-Man (@a_manmade1) face after I spit the first verse. I knew I had recorded to hit the people with.

Besides the genre of Hip-hop, do you find musical influences from any other sources of music or non-music-related outlets?

I like all types of music genres, I’m a fan of R&B Dru Hill, Jodeci & an artist by the name of Mzee Jones @nodaysoff on Instagram are a few of my favorite artists. I’m also a fan of rock n roll, soul music artists like Teddy Pendergrass, Minnie Riperton, Guns N’ Roses, Chris Daughtry are all artists that I listen to. But as far as inspiration I would have to say my first thought goes to my son, then to my friends and family, they all keep me grounded.

What is the main message that you send to your listeners through your artistry?

I would say the message that I’m trying to convey with my music would be, motivation & honesty. though my music at times can be masochistic, aggressive, vulgar, and vulnerable. It’s real. It’s a reflection of the different feelings that we all go through. No one person is the same person all the time. In a world where everyone is trying to prove they a real one. I'm just trying to show that you can be real period. “By any means necessary."



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