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guUs Roams A Louisiana Cemetery On A "Baron Saturday"

San Francisco-based singer-songwriter and explorative recording artist guUs takes Louisiana in a new cemetery-shot and back swamp-esque music video, "Baron Saturday."

Originally from the Netherlands, guUs's sound is anything but typical. He's inspired by acts like Robert Johnson, John Coltrane, and Otis Redding. The result was his unique sound that ranges from old world art song, jazz, blues, psychedelia, progressive, Broadway-like storytelling, and early gospel.

It may sound like a lot, but you can better understand the cohesive nature of these sounds through guUs's songs like the latest, "Baron Saturday." He journeys through the bayous while grooving to off-kilter beats, swampy guitar, and charismatic vocals. Furthermore, he took this song to examine his feelings about Hurricane Katrina and vulnerability and deal with the devil.

Hitting play on the music video for "Baron Saturday," the scene opens with shots of a lonely, unkempt cemetery, guUs draped in Mardi Gras beads, and a Hennessy bottle in hand. With his ol' walking stick, cigar, and top hat, guUs roams the cemetery strutting his stuff while the Louisiana-inspired tune bumps in the background.

All is fine and well until guUs realizes that something sinister is lurking in the bushes. As he tries to keep the groove and good spirits alive with handheld drums and his lively energy, the clip fades into black while guUs runs for his life.

We truly appreciate the conceptual take of this video, and we're sure viewers will admire guUs's stage presence, performance abilities, and attention-commanding charisma.

Feast your eyes on the spirits that roam this Louisiana cemetery with guUs's latest music video for his single, "Baron Saturday." Watch the new music video on YouTube.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, guUs. We love the energetic and playful feel you brought to the music video, "Baron Saturday." What inspired the song itself?

Many thanks, BuzzMusic, much appreciated. Like many of my songs, this song is about overcoming challenges and growing stronger for it. So although it is a celebration, the song is initially inspired by tragedy. Baron Saturday is named after the Voodoo spirit Baron Samedi; patron of death and resurrection, temptation and celebration, rum and cigars. The song celebrates the strength of the city of “New Orleans”, the epicenter for voodoo in the US. After it faced death and destruction during hurricane Katrina the city persevered and was resurrected, despite being “forgotten” and ignored by too many.

Why did you decide to roam a Louisiana cemetery for the "Baron Saturday" music video? How does this scene fit the song's concept?

The cemetery where the video was shot, was actually next to my old home in East London. But clearly inspired by the Deep South, New Orleans, and voodoo in particular for this song, a Louisiana cemetery would be an appropriate location. Not only the name of the song, but also the outfit, performance, and location are inspired by the spirit Baron Samedi who in voodoo is not only the patron of death and resurrection but also the guardian of the cemetery and the passage between both worlds.

Did anyone help create the "Baron Saturday" music video? What was the filming process like?

Filming it was great. I filmed it with a friend who is a rapper but also wanted to explore his skills behind the camera. So it was a unique experience and experiment for us both. Due to the location, it was important that we did the shoot in a respectful way, and we did speak with local authorities. But there was still room to have fun with it.

Were there any themes or concepts you wanted to get across in the "Baron Saturday" music video? What did you want viewers to take away?

Although Baron Saturday specifically condemns the injustices that happened around New Orleans’ Katerina tragedy, in general, the song protests against all forms of discrimination, injustice, and the ignorance of those that ignore the struggles of the “non-privileged” members of society.

What’s next for you?

I have been working with an agency with the ambition of getting some of my material placed in film and TV. I am working on the production of some tracks for that purpose. Although not all of these will be released in the short term, some are expected to come out in the not too distant future. Additionally, I have been working with some producers on HipHop/ Boom Bap remixes and alternative versions of some of my tracks. Exact release dates are not known yet at this stage. Keep your eyes on the horizon …

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