Guy Jr. Releases "INTRO (MY EARS HURT)"

Originally from a small suburb near Philadelphia, PA, Guy Jr. is currently an LA based artist. Guy Jr. paves a path for a new sound with his use of unique use of instrumentation and electronic sampling. With a strong background in vocals, Guy Jr. possesses a dynamic range of sound in his range, song construction, and production. Telling his wide variety of stories through

song from sociopathic tendencies to the classic ballads of love and loss, there will be something for everyone.

A new age kind of groove is heard in Guy Jr.’s track “INTRO(MY EARS HURT). From

the very beginning of the song we delve into this intriguing kind of sound that is reminiscent of

something otherworldly. Guy Jr. begins to rap with a heavy octavator on his voice fully

emphasizing this otherworldly vibe. He later explains why he made this mixtape in a blunt way

of how he finds himself and self validation. Guy Jr. then proceeds to say his “ears hurt” while a