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Guy Jr. Releases "INTRO (MY EARS HURT)"

Originally from a small suburb near Philadelphia, PA, Guy Jr. is currently an LA based artist. Guy Jr. paves a path for a new sound with his use of unique use of instrumentation and electronic sampling. With a strong background in vocals, Guy Jr. possesses a dynamic range of sound in his range, song construction, and production. Telling his wide variety of stories through

song from sociopathic tendencies to the classic ballads of love and loss, there will be something for everyone.

A new age kind of groove is heard in Guy Jr.’s track “INTRO(MY EARS HURT). From

the very beginning of the song we delve into this intriguing kind of sound that is reminiscent of

something otherworldly. Guy Jr. begins to rap with a heavy octavator on his voice fully

emphasizing this otherworldly vibe. He later explains why he made this mixtape in a blunt way

of how he finds himself and self validation. Guy Jr. then proceeds to say his “ears hurt” while a

crunchy kind of deafening sound is followed simulating as to why someone’s ears would hurt.

Artistically as well as musically, this stands out taking a baroque approach to it giving the music

industry a little taste of spoken word which dances around rap at times. Straight and to the point

with his raw lyrics are what gives this artist his own sound and artistic vision.

Listen to "INTRO (MY EARS HURT)" here, and learn more about Guy Jr. in our interview below!

Can you describe the vision you had when writing , “INTRO (My ears hurt)”? 

This songs is the introduction to the entire mood of the album. I wrote this song with one thing in mind—individuality. So many of us have spent years trying to conform with societal trends, adapt to new cultural norms and go beyond their true selves to make them seem special. My purpose for releasing this album is to spread the message that everyone has their own identity and the way to feel normal is by embracing your inner persona and allowing your perks and flaws to flourish.

What is the connection between the topic of you writing this song at one of your darkest times and the phrase “your ears hurt”?

There are an inexplicable amount of influencers in todays world—mainstream media, instagram, Tumblr, youtube, etc. When we get wrapped up in this new technological and superficial world the we call ’social media’ our sense of hearing becomes hyper sensitive. I’ve dealt with brutal issues in my short life and I figured listening to everyone else would make me feel like I’m keeping up with others around me—I was wrong. “MY EARS HURT” simply describes the overwhelming feeling of taking on too many masks from society and finally realizing that by disguising myself is only disguising my talent and artistry.

How do you see yourself progressing as an artist within the next five years?

I’ve never been the type to ‘look to the future’ but my honest answer would be that I see myself continuing to promote individuality and experimentation with yourself. Our generation is so young and we are just starting to create our utopia. I see myself as a pioneer and a voice for the future.

Can you name two musical influences that have influenced you as a person and artist?

My two biggest influences are Jon Bellion and John Mayer. I admire both of their outlooks on the broad idea of ‘life’ and their methods and strategies for creating music.

How do you think the music industry will change within the next ten years?

We’re already starting to hear new sounds, new voices, new structures—I see this trend continuing. Also, it’s obvious that emerging artists have the ability to create their own platform for fans and listeners to follow. I see the music industry as a G-rated gang war. Many listeners strictly support artists under one specific genre and even though others may not enjoy as much as the other, there’s still an understanding that music is music and it does the same thing for all of us—it makes us feel something.

What can we expect next from you?

I’m wrapping up an acoustic EP covering some of my favorite originals from the past. After that, I’ll be gathering bandmates and playing some venues around town!


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