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Gwapo Mystizo Expands on the Rough Corners Of "Uptown"

Coming in hot from Montreal, Canada, songwriter, rapper, recording artist, producer, and manager Gwapo Mystizo recently dropped his flaming single entitled "Uptown."

"Being an introvert and extrovert at the same time can be quite the mix," notes Gwapo Mystizo. He's known for combining his meaningful storytelling abilities with catchy melodies and groovy rhythms. The young hip-hop act also co-founded the music production and management team, Mixed Qulture, which led Mystizo to expand his songwriting abilities by collaborating with other like-minded creators.

Getting us in the groove with his latest fiery single, "Uptown," Gwapo Mystizo offers a powerful and danceable hip-hop beat while captivating our ears with his attention-commanding and charismatic performance. We adore this high-energy approach to contemporary hip-hop, especially as Gwapo Mystizo unleashes his powerhouse flow overtop of the stimulating production.

Jumping into the single, "Uptown," the track opens with a faded keyboard melody alongside upbeat claps that later drop into a blazing hip-hop beat. As Gwapo Mystizo makes his way in, he instantly grabs our undivided attention with his powerful performance alongside the melodic, well-rounded, and dense production. As Mystizo continues to remind us of what it was like growing up in uptown, he leaves us with nothing but groove and energy.

Although it sounds like his youth in uptown wasn't all sunshine in rainbows, in fact, quite the opposite; Gwapo Mystizo has a way of turning these complex challenges into something memorable, catchy, and long-lasting. While giving a few shoutouts near the outro, Gwapo Mystizo ends the track with nothing but energy and confidence.

Don't miss out on Gwapo Mystizo's latest exciting single, "Uptown," now available on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Gwapo Mystizo. We can't get enough of the groove and energy you've delivered in your new single, "Uptown"? Did any particular experience inspire you to create this stimulating track?

The inspiration for "Uptown" is related to my story; the idea of growing up in the hood but making it out despite the obstacles all while keeping that hustler and hood instinct. The area is the "Cote-des-Neiges" neighborhood in Montreal, Canada, and we call it "Uptown." Every lyric is authentic to really provide a connection with others in the same hood or similar situations.

What did you want the listener to feel and take away from your recent single, "Uptown?"

My goal with this song is for the listener to understand that no matter your circumstances, with enough time and proper decision-making, you can make it out of bad situations. A key point, too, is to remember to remain humble, authentic and never forget where you came from.

How does "Uptown" reflect who you are behind the music? How does this track help us get to know you better?

"Uptown" shows where I'm from (born and raised!) and my experiences growing up in the area. As said in answer 1, "Every lyric is authentic to really provide a connection with others in the same hood or similar situations."

What was your creative process like when crafting your bars and production for "Uptown?" How long did it take to create this song from start to finish?

When writing this song, I had recently moved back to "Uptown" after moving elsewhere for a few years. Coming back to "Uptown" brought back a lot of memories and inspired me (As seen in my visual project "Time"). After the "Time" project, I was so inspired by my memories and living in "Uptown" again but as a more mature and grown person. I then proceeded to write out these feelings, which eventually became my song "Uptown." Since I was a kid, I've had a fascination for the west coast California vibe, which can be heard in the "Uptown" sound and seen in my attire/style. I describe my fashion style as "West Coast Pretty Boy."

To be honest, I don't remember the exact time it took from start to finish for this song. What I know is I wrote, recorded, and finalized the song in August, planned the music video in September, filmed it in October, and we will be releasing it soon.


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