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Gyatso Releases New Single “Dijon Cinnamon”

Gyatso is an alternative/bedroom pop artist with roots in the suburban demographic of Colorado. Feeling out of place in this environment, Gyatso began to make music for other suburban misfits and enjoyed expressing himself in this domain of art. Many of Gyatso’s songs exemplify relaxed and chill vibes while experimenting with complex beat and melodic patterns. His single “Dijon Cinnamon” goes through multiple transitions to create an end result of an unpredictable and multifarious record that has significant amount of layers a listener can uncover. Listeners are generally surprised by Gyatso’s shift in musical styles and find it hard to tie him down to one genre or category. I mean think about it, which artist do you know goes through an entire line of musical genres and fusing them all together in one chromatic and kaleidoscopic sound? Gyatso is far from ordinary and his music sticks out like a sore thumb, separating him from anybody else. “Dijon Cinnamon” has a super dope beat we find absolutely eccentric and isolated from your common beat. Not only does Gyatso shows us his comforting and nostalgic sounding vocals, he also gives us a quick-witted flow that emphasizes the idea of this groundbreaking artist being one of a kind!

Jam out to "Dijon Cinnamon" and add it to your Spotify playlist!

Be sure to check out the artists exclusive interview below!

As a self-proclaimed ‘misfit’, what does that term mean to you?

The term 'misfit' doesn't necessarily mean being out of place to me. The term misfit, in my mind, relates to having unique values and beliefs that don't align with many people. In a suburban culture, many people are looking toward the future of having a family or career and settling down. This is not the ideal future for myself, for I want to explore and expand my artistry. Thus making myself a misfit in the culture of suburbia. 

What was your initial vision for “Dijon Cinnamon” If you had one at all?

My initial vision for "Dijon Cinnamon" was to relate to people that may be feeling the same emotions and thoughts as me. This track is inspired by living in an almost dystopian world with social media and dating apps hindering human interaction. The relationships that are built around technology are not always genuine and may turn out awkward or stressful. I am sure people have experienced this dynamic and may have felt the same as me.

Knowing music serves as a slight escape for you, how would you describe your songwriting process to us?

Music definitely provides an escape for me, especially making music. The process of writing, recording and producing is never a cut and dry process. For this track, one of my good friends, Cameron Lofton (a co-producer and writer), and I were messing around making beats and were influenced heavily by artists like Frank Ocean and JPEG Mafia. We were experimenting with sounds and eventually built a pretty solid beat for a hook. In this case, the instrumentation and background came first then the concept and vocals. We were both struggling with the idea of social media and online dating at the time and decided to describe a scene of a date that was going south. The whole unit came together very quickly and I wrapped a bow on the track with some electric guitar to tie in my roots to metal music.

What’s the meaning behind “Dijon Cinnamon” and what encouraged you to name the song this?

As stated before, "Dijon Cinnamon" is based on short-lived, often one-sided relationships that may be flakey or ingenuine. The song is describing a scene where I am not happy in the position I am in, so I am very focused on materials and items around them instead of the person I am with. The title came from the hook lyrics and are two different words that describe the feeling of these relationships. Both dijon and cinnamon are spicy ingredients and provide a metaphor for how some of these situations can be.

What else can we expect from Gyatso in the near future?

Currently, I am sitting on a variety of unreleased music. Some of it falls into lo-fi/bedroom pop, some have more of a rap vibe and other tracks are entirely pop influenced by Ariana Grande and Justin Bieber. There are very big plans for the future in terms of music, visuals, and performances but for now, I hope listeners are able to enjoy and connect with "Dijon Cinnamon" although there is an arsenal of great music to come.


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