H3g Meshes His Artistry With Jafarrii On Latest Hit “Sly Fox”

With a decade of experience, Adrian Henry's instruction to music began as a child and has grown into a safe house. The artist name H3g does an impeccable job of allowing his audience to see through his kaleidoscope lens and vice versa. Allowing the listener to gain perspective on who he is as an artist, H3g's music reflects who he is today and who he plans to be.

Colliding with the artistic talents of Jafarrii, "Sly Fox" is the most recent single to come hailing from the artist's joint music catalog. With vibrancy glimmering through a diverse representation of lounge-like electronic music, the upbeat and lively club scene was the first thing in mind when this unforgettable creation grew into fruition.

The pulsating percussion has us navigating around an entrancing tempo as we sink deeper into the infectious grooves gracing our speakers. The cloudy essence of skewed realities that tiptoe amongst the dream realm is naturally infused into "Sly Fox" as the almost ethereal elements shimmer in a potent manner.

Elusive vocals in an echoed chamber of soothing bliss further add to this composition as the layers emit a buttery texture that you can't deny. Propelling us into a universe that allows our mind to drift into an abundance of melodies on a reverberated spectrum, H3g, and Jafarrii mesh their artistry together to provide us with an alluring array of resonance.

Admiring this dynamic duo and the creativity that flourishes from a joined headspace, "Sly Fox" is a record that could be the soundtrack to your life. Submerge yourselves in the immersive soundscape with "Sly Fox" on all digital streaming platforms today.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, H3g. The entire sonic voyage that's "Sly Fox" is one that we loved to experience. So how did the collaboration of yourself and Jafarrii come to be? What was it like working with one another?

I've known Jafarrii for quite some time now, and he has written music for a couple of years and never wanted to produce anything with anyone until he showed me a song that I thought was genius and extremely catchy. He has a gift, and I want people to see how gifted he is, so we got together because of the versatility we both have in creating music in multiple different genres. He just needed someone with enough experience to bring out the creative side of him that's been kept under wraps. It helps when you're friends with the people you work with.

We can only imagine that your creative process works differently when working with another artist versus working solo. Do you have a preference as to how you craft your best work?

My best work is definitely made when working solo. I get self-conscious in front of other people because I think it sounds repetitive and annoying to other people when I'm just playing the same kick for like an hour straight, so when I'm in the studio with other people, I make sure to just keep it simple and concise. I leave the details for after the session when I'm by myself.

What does "Sly Fox" mean to you both? What would you like the listener to take away from this piece?

"Sly Fox" is the title we gave this song because of how we believe women are in a club setting when they're trying to flirt with someone. The subtle look they give you is all you need, but are you going to take that chance or are you going to walk away and think about it later. Either way, she was sly and slipped into your mind just like a fox does when hunting for its prey.

Compared to your previous releases, how does "Sly Fox" differ from the rest?

"Sly Fox" is a different sound from what I've been releasing. Most of my official releases are built around a lo-fi vibe, but this song branches out into an indie electronic atmosphere that is a good pathway into my future releases.

What's next for you?

I have hundreds of songs and beats that I want to use for future concerts that I'll be playing. I'm working on a couple of EPs and singles that I want to release fairly soon, and I'll be branching out enough to be in the realm of a variety of different genres. I'm constantly creating, and I've built a record label in the process. I'm working in photoshop to create different prints for people to buy from me and my label, and I'm also writing a screenplay for which I'll be producing the soundtrack. I've constantly been working, and I have a lot of work ahead of me. I'm right where I need to be.

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