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Haleigh Bowers Has a Magical Power Within Her Voice with New Release "My Religion"

As a Los Angeles singer/songwriter, Haleigh Bowers has collaborated with a surplus of artists, and during so, has crafted her delicate and raw sounding to be exactly the way she needs. We should warn you now, you must prepare for the vocal soundings of Haleigh Bowers--she truly has the voice of a literal angel! It's truly undeniable that natural talent is there regarding vocal performance. Her dynamics are well-seasoned and refined in the most intricate way possible. She offers a country take on soulful and heartwarming music, which once you hear the way her voice adds to any type of melody, you'll fall in love regardless of what genre you prefer! We mean it. Haleigh Bowers really has that type of voice that can make you fall in love with whichever genre she decides to sing for.


Haleigh Bowers has recently released "My Religion" and that prominent sounding that's exclusive to Haleigh is greatly showcased within this single. There are warming and heart-filled moments of the track, and others, we receive strong and confident deliveries from Haleigh. She's able to successfully connect with us as listeners (mostly because we couldn't peel our ears away once she began singing). Combined with her singing, Haleigh Bowers lyricism strikes us. It's clear that her music is thought-provoking, and will make you either reminisce on past struggles or experiences. The power that Haleigh Bowers has within her artistry is unwavering. With the artist, she has grown to become, her music is packaged perfectly and neatly for us this holiday season! You can catch us obsessively listening to "My Religion" in the meantime, while we wait for more music from Haleigh Bowers! 

Listen to "My Religion" here.

Hi Haleigh Bowers, and welcome to the BuzzMusic community! Thanks for taking the time to chat with us about your recent release "My Religion". How did the curation process, recording, and overall production go over for the track? Hi everyone! I’m so happy to be talking with you all. The process for “My Religion” was really beautiful and unique. I wrote the first iteration of the song on my notes app 30 minutes after I almost got T-boned by a car making a left-hand turn on Griffith Park Blvd (literally!). It came out of me pretty naturally and felt as easy and inevitable as breathing. I brought the song to Michael Lehmann Boddicker and we finished writing this final version together. After that, I played a lot of shows around Los Angeles and got a ton of positive feedback about the relatability of the song and how it impacted people personally. It seemed natural to move forward in the recording process and take steps towards sharing the song on a larger scale. I went to Perfect Sound Studios in Frogtown and worked with an incredible team of people to finish out the recording process (Sean Kellett- engineer, Sam Vendig- coproducer, Madi Vogt-drums, Jack Demeo- guitar & bass, Quinn D’Andrea- piano). It was a remarkable process to turn this song into a living, breathing, tangible track. It takes a village and I had a good one.

Are you able to share with our readers the genuine and honest underlying message of "My Religion”?

Yes, most definitely! “My Religion” explores breaking out of codependent cycles. I found myself in a relationship where I was giving a lot with the expectation that the sacrifice would be reciprocated. I followed the story of this love like blind religion- I was looking through reverent rose-colored glasses and choosing to stay ignorant to the reality of my experience. I was cherry-picking the truth. When that backfired on me, I experienced the feelings of betrayal, anger, and shame around it. I had to explore my part in it and how to move forward. This became a type of declarative, healing anthem where I came to terms with the consequences of my own actions and how to move forward with a fuller sense of awareness.

You have collaborated with a multitude of artists within your artistic career! Each time you collaborate with another artist, do you feel you gather pivotal knowledge and experience in order to apply to your own music? I absolutely love collaborating. I think it’s so beautiful to see how other people channel their creative energy. Everybody’s process is so different and unique. I’ve worked with people that have an incredible awareness of melodic structure which has made me more conscious of intentional melody writing. I’ve worked with people that break the rules and inspire me to do the same. I’ve also worked with musicians that are enthralled with structure and balanced phrases; that inspire me to reevaluate what I’ve written previously and have the grace to make adjustments that might be better suited for the song as a whole. My collaborations have definitely given me so many tools. It’s awesome to be able to go back to the drawing board and just try on different perspectives.

As a singer/songwriter, what are some challenges you face during the creation stage of your music?

I am my own worst critic! As I mentioned before, sometimes the creative process is truly as easy as breathing. When the judgmental voice in my head gets involved, I start running into problems. Most of the time that voice is based on the classic insecurities that plague my vulnerable artist heart - is this going to be good enough? Is this worth putting out into the world? Will people relate to this at all? When that voice gets loud, I have to take a step back and remind myself why I do this in the first place. Whether it stays on my iPhone or is released into the world in some way, it is a valuable process to be able to communicate my feelings through art. It’s therapeutic. It’s healing. It’s a miraculous, indescribable, humbling process that I get to be a part of. It is not a means to an end. It, in and of itself, is a worthwhile experience. My challenges always revolve around learning how to reframe that voice of fear and not let it become a dam that blocks the natural flow of the creating process.

It was a blessing to feature your music here on BuzzMusic! Thanks again for taking the time Haleigh, and we hope to see you soon! Any parting words for our readers, over this holiday season?

Thank you so much for the feature! Parting words - Whatever holiday you celebrate, wherever you celebrate it, and with whom you celebrate it- enjoy every single moment. I feel like there’s this desire to make the holiday season, especially gearing into the New Year, a pinnacle for change. I find that the holiday season gives me an opportunity to pause, gently look at my life, and experience connection with the beautiful humans around me. Sending love to you all!


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