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Halon’s A Certified Bag Chaser In “Music To Get Rich To”

Photo by: Fredrik Andersson Andersson

The Swedish artist and songwriter focuses on the prize in her new release, featuring Jahju16 and Lorentz.

Halon is no stranger to the arts. A former ballet dancer turned singer and songwriter, she has always held the poetic and musical truth in the highest regard. Influenced by her time as a nighttime dancer and her travels while modeling, Halon writes and makes music that belies a magical realism that reflects her artistic truth. Known for dark, nebulous soundscapes that somehow perfectly accentuate her fragile, vulnerable, yet distinctive vocals, Halon is one to watch for the future.

Having been on the road constantly, Halon says lyrics became a way for her to break the loneliness. Songwriting became integral as she tried to make herself home in new, exciting, unfamiliar places. This may explain the dark, eerie soundscapes Halon is known for. However, if eerie soundscapes are a metaphor for the unfamiliar, Halon’s vocals represent that something interesting is always to be found, even in the unknown.

Of her latest release, “Music to Get Rich To,” Halon says, "It’s a song where the divine world makes small glimpses in the material one.” Its music is distinctly Halon, blending ethereal instrumentals that place you in the night stars with lyrics delivered with an effortless elegance that disguises the intense ambition and drive underneath.

When Halon gracefully sings, “There must be more to life that we can see” and “This is music to get rich to,” it's clear that she is also aiming for the stars. Jahju16 and Lorentz (the two featured artists on the track) are cherries on top, as they add an unexpected blend of dancehall and hip hop that somehow meld perfectly with Halon’s melodies to create a one-of-a-kind experience.

Halon’s “Music to Get Rich To” is an ethereal new release that, above all else, reflects Halon’s artistic truth and ambition. Whenever you’re ready, tap in and listen to Halon’s “Music to Get Rich To,” now available on all major streaming platforms.

We loved “Music to Get Rich To.” We thought the contrast between the ethereal instrumentals and lyrics was super interesting (and flawlessly executed). We have to ask, what was the inspiration behind this piece? I’m so happy to hear that. Working with contrast is what art and music are about to me. My time in Tokyo inspired the essence of this one. I walked the streets nurturing this dream.

So Jahju16 and Lorentz were featured on the track, and all of you killed it. How did you know you wanted Jahju16 and Lorentz on this track, and what was it like working for them? I could hear them on the track the second I made the chorus; it was like," where are my boys at?” Working with Jahju is smooth; Lorentz, on the other hand, is somewhat of a diva, had to beg him for months.

What kind of message do you want fans to take from your music? What do you want listeners to feel when they play a Halon song? I want them to feel immortal. As far as I know, we all could be. So you’re currently based in Stockholm, Sweden. What’s your favorite thing about the music scene there, and how do you think it’s influenced who you are as an artist? My favorite thing about the Swedish music scene is that we produce a lot of pop princesses, and I hope to become one myself.

What’s next for Halon? Do you have any big plans for 2023? Hopefully, a lot of fun shows! And, of course, my album releasing. I’ll let you know for sure.

Photo by: Fredrik Andersson Andersson


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