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“Handouts” By Kwazzi Ft. Txnic Shows A Meaningful and Fresh Side of Hip-Hop

“Handouts” by Kwazzi feat. Txnic was brought to life by two musicians from Toronto, Ontario who have a burning passion for music and creativity. Kwazzi began writing poems in his childhood, which eventually brought him to where he is today. He enjoys songwriting, producing, and performing as an outlet for creativity. Txnic is a songwriter, artist, and engineer who has been able to perform in over 100 shows across Ontario.

Their new song “Handouts” is a deep and creative rap song that includes something for everyone. With a killer beat, catchy vocals and an inspirational message, Kwazzi reveals his passion for music-making and production. “Handouts” has a simple, repetitive melody layered underneath the vocals, What’s interesting about this song is the minor key of the melody gives it a dark and almost horror-like feeling, while the lyrics are the exact opposite. Kwazzi takes the first verse and speaks out about taking advantage of your own life, whether that’s what society thinks is best or not. He tells you it’s enough to be your own motivator, and drive yourself to success, but it’s also okay to have fears and doubts. Kwazzi uses his platform to speak about real, relatable issues that will spark inspiration for his listeners. Kwazzi’s new album Blue Collar is set to be released mid-2020, so stay tuned.

Listen to "Handouts" by Kwazzi featuring Txnic, here.

Thanks for joining us at BuzzMusic, Kwazzi! We loved the emotion that went into the song “Handouts”, do you always draw inspiration from your own experiences?

It's a pleasure, thank you for having me! Usually, yeah. My own experiences are really the driving force for a lot of what I write, but it's not always that way. I find inspiration from the daily life of others around me as well. It's about being relatable and all of our experiences are relatable when you think about it.

Tell us about your collaboration with Txnic.

Oh, man. Txnic is super dope! Super freaking humble, too. From the first time I saw him perform at a show I was also at, I knew I had to get him on a record with me. Fast forward to when I wrote "Handouts", as soon as I started writing it, Txnic was the first and only person I heard on it with me. My guy killed it! Y'all should go check him out, for real.

How has writing poetry shaped your songwriting process? When writing a song, do you focus on lyricism or musical elements more often?

It's really something so innate to me now, I don't even think about it. I would definitely say my rhyme schemes are heavily poetry based though, 'cause essentially rap is just poetry with music behind it, right? So once I figured that out, it was a wrap. No pun intended. With that thought, I can definitely say I focus more on lyricism. I like having fun with it sometimes, but I truly want my music to have a message for the people, so yeah. Lyricism. Final answer.

You mentioned that you grew up in a family of musicians, how would you say this shaped you as an artist? What advice would you give to an aspiring musician who doesn’t have full support from their family?

It's a blessing really, 'cause you get exposed to more than just one or two set genres, you know? It makes you think more dynamically, which makes your writing and producing more dynamic, which makes you as an artist more dynamic. It's a ripple effect and it helps you create your own unique sound.

Sometimes the family doesn't get through, hear you on that. Honestly, I would say to not let it break you. If you truly believe in what you're doing, you're putting in the work and you're seeing results, keep going. Who cares what anyone says! I mean, still, be respectful of your family, but don't let them kill your passion. That, and just stay realistic. That's the real key: being realistic with yourself.

What other themes will be present in your upcoming album Blue Collar? We’re excited to see what else you have in store!

Well, the overall theme is the struggle between living out your dream and straight-up adulting. No one wants to do it, so Blue Collar is me trying to balance the two. When you hear it, you'll realize that the order of the songs tells the entire story of my mental journey, but I can't say any more than that. I hope for you guys to hear it though, for sure.



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