Hang on to Your Close Ones in YoursTruly’s “Best Friend"

Hailing us from Edmonton is the R&B and Rap artist YoursTruly. Drawing inspirations from icons that include Tory Lanez, Bryson Tiller, Lil Wayne, and Big Sean, YoursTruly is able to make a compelling experience that pulls you into is music. YoursTruly recently released his bombastic but vibey single “Best Friend,” and this one is the perfect tune to put on late at night and chill out.

“Best Friend” really shows the musicality of YoursTruly’s. He can expertly create a verse and hook full of vivid rhyming and dynamically changing vocal effects that help drive the song forward. YoursTruly tells us about how his best friend is the person that he will do anything with and won’t let anything stand in his way. This is something that all of us will be able to relate to. We all have that something that holds a special place in our hearts, and YoursTruly perfectly encompasses this feeling. “Best Friend” features a minimalistic but groovy hip-hop drum kit and then his vocal performance that evolves between short bursts of insanely quick lyrics to a more humble singing style that brings the pace down. This dynamic shift between styles shows how much control YoursTruly has an artist and the amount of back-end skill he has to create a burst of energy like this that gets us wholly fired up. YoursTruly has caught our attention, and we are looking forward to what is coming next in future chapters of his career. You can discover “Best Friend” here.

Welcome to BuzzMusic YoursTruly! We are loving the personal connection you have to “Best Friend”, was there a particular person that you wrote this tune about? How does this song relate to them? Thanks for interviewing me! So the song best friend is actually about a past lover of mine and it’s actually directly inspired by the person and talks about certain events and feelings throughout our relationship at that time so this song is basically me explaining our situation a bit and it’s like I’m directly speaking to my viewers saying hey there’s this girl etc. here’s how things went and so on. Your vocals in this one have this excellently timed burst of quick raps that blew us away, how did you decide where to place these? Did you record these at the same time as the rest of your vocals?  So basically for this song aha, the vocals I recorded first and then following that I created the background harmonies and almost like side melodies and adlibs to give a sense of fullness in the track, and once I had that down the rapping came just as easy because how I had written the song, certain parts I felt that needed something to spice the track up a bit I felt like coming in fast but precise would really catch the listener and also still keeping the bars melodically sound so that you can still bop to it nonetheless beat production was key too big ups to AJSounds couldn’t have done it without him killing the beat. Having so many idols allows for you to grab so many different sparks of inspiration, what about all of your idols makes them stand out for you? What kinds of things do you draw inspiration from? For me, the biggest thing that stands out for me from all of my idols is their creativity, and ability to be different and bring something different to the game, the biggest thing I take from them musically is the fact that they’re able to switch it up with ease and at will. A lot of my idols are melodically sound and can not only bring you bars and a great song but can also keep the mood and vibe of a song going with the different melodies they create and some being RnB based artists they pull you in and astonish you with the various melodies and harmonies they show off with their vocals and me starting out being just a rapper learning to sing and become more vocal with my voice it just opens up a new layer of creativity that I can experiment with and up my craft with. In regards to my music through my inspiration comes from either situation I’ve been in myself or have experienced or sometimes I tell other people’s stories that I know and speak on their behalf, my mother, God, and just world around and the music I hear day in and day out. Which different styles did you take inspiration from for this release? We heard a whole bunch of cool effects that reminded us of classic hip-hop but also modern dance music, do you have any new styles that you’d like to fuse for future releases? So for this release, I tried to fuse old school kinda 00’s rap/hip hop with 00’s R&B mixed with some more modern Trapsoul-esq R&B and like you mentioned a bit of modern dance to it the vibe I was trying to kind of go off of was something similar to what Tory Lanez does with his Chixtape series where he gives a twist to more throwback type music and modernizes it whilst still keeping it true to its nature. In the future, I plan to fuse more sub-genres of R&B together alongside more sub-genres of Rap/HipHop, but that’s all I can say for now without spoiling or giving too much away, all I can say is from the music I have now compared to what’s coming next you’ll definitely see growth, versatility and I promise this... Hits! What else can we expect for 2020?

2020 expect more music, singles, a couple of music videos, features, expect another EP later on in the year and expect to see more interviews more write-ups and just to see the nameYoursTruly(or YoursForever) more. Thank you guys over at Buzz for the interview nothing but love from y’all ~ Sincerely, Yours