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Hannah Gold Says Don’t Get It Twisted, “You Did This”

From New York to Los Angeles, singer-songwriter and genre-bending pop recording artist Hannah Gold releases an empowering anthem and accompanying music video entitled "You Did This."

The 23-year-old recording artist has created a distinct sound that dances through genres like pop, r&b, and hip-hop. With three singles under her belt and thousands of Spotify streams, it's safe to say that Hannah Gold's success as a professional recording artist has only just begun.

She's more than ready to show listeners what she's made of, doing so in new music videos like her latest, "You Did This." The song tracks Gold's experience with an unfaithful partner who was caught cheating while in a long-distance relationship. Hannah Gold says the song is a "bad bitch girl's anthem" for those who need a dose of empowerment after experiencing such tribulations.

The music video opens with two masked ladies showing Hannah Gold an iPad with the "You Ain't Shit Cam," which sees Gold's partner in bed with another woman. A confused and pissed-off Gold wastes no time sending her masked mates over to the room to give her now "ex," the good old one-two.

They later drag him into an interrogation room where a stunning Hannah Gold reminds her ex of what a sleaze he is. Needless to say, it's quite an entertaining visual experience. The music video's interrogation concept is top-tier. Hannah Gold's confidence is on a whole other level that's bound to motivate listeners and remind them never to take anyone's shit.

When you need to spark the flame of confidence and empowerment, hit play on Hannah Gold's latest single and music video for "You Did This." Find the single on all digital streaming platforms and the music video on YouTube.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Hannah Gold. We love the heated emotion and confident theme within your new single, "You Did This." What moments or experiences led you to create this ferocious single?

Thank you!! It’s a pleasure to be here. There were many moments and experiences leading up to the explosion that is “You Did This”. Picture this. You give your all to someone who means the world to you, only to have it all thrown back in your face. I used to wonder why I was never “enough” for him until I learned to love myself and realized that I was actually more than enough, and none of this was my fault. “You Did This” is about taking my power back and not accepting blame for someone else’s mistakes. Cheaters often make excuses or try to blame their partners for their infidelity, but at the end of the day, the only person who messed up was them. “You Did This” is my anthem.

What inspired the interrogation-like music video for "You Did This?" Why did you choose to take this conceptual route?

The whole concept of the video is miraculous and very well thought through. The idea is that you find out your partner cheated but can’t get them to admit to it, so you set them up to confront them for their actions. We had one girl go undercover to lure the cheater in while we recorded the footage of him being unfaithful on a hidden camera. Then, we sent the other two girls in to “kidnap” the cheater and bring him to the interrogation room to present him with the evidence. The concept is inspired by cheaters who are in denial of their actions and who can’t ever admit to what they’ve done wrong. A lot of people feel stuck in relationships where they’ve been cheated on because the cheater convinces them they have been faithful. Oftentimes it takes cold hard proof for cheaters to admit they messed up and for people who get cheated on to gain closure on the situation and have their thoughts validated. When you have a gut feeling someone is cheating, but they keep denying it and calling you crazy, it can be extremely frustrating. A lot of cheaters lie and say that their partner is falsely accusing them, so they stay in the relationship. We felt that the only way to confront a gaslighting narcissist was to set him up, get footage of him in the act, and shove it in his face until he realized the magnitude of what he did. We wanted to show the cheater that he messed up big time and that there was no coming back from his infidelity. This concept was the best way we could think of to get the cheater to take accountability for his actions and to realize what he’s truly done.

Who helped bring the music video to life? Did you work alongside a team when creating the visual for "You Did This?"

The team for creating the visual for “You Did This” consisted of myself, Marquis Dawsey, and Etienne “EJ” Porter. I wrote the song alongside producer EJ about a year before we shot the video. Earlier this year, EJ introduced me to Marquis Dawsey, a talented videographer and the CEO of Black Lemonade Productions. We presented Marquis with the song, and he said he was down to help create an awesome visual for “You Did This”. Marquis and I worked weekly via facetime for the weeks leading up to the shoot to plan the entire thing. We meticulously thought through each shot, location, cast member, outfit, and detail to make sure we nailed the video. In the end, the music video turned out better than we could’ve imagined, and we are super happy with the outcome. I had an awesome time filming the video; the entire crew had great vibes, and I really enjoyed the whole experience. I’d definitely work with this crew again in the future! Additionally, a huge shoutout to Nate, Adrian, Ricardo, & Wayne for their help with video production throughout the shoot.

What was your goal in terms of the viewer's experience when watching "You Did This?" What did you want them to take away?

My goal was to empower viewers to trust their gut and intuition. The video is also meant to empower victims of domestic violence to take their power back and stand up for themselves. A lot of times, cheaters and abusers will gaslight their victims into thinking nothing’s going on. In reality, the victim is questioning their existence, unsure of what’s true or false, torn between trusting their gut or their partner, and overall just confused. It can be really challenging to differentiate between what’s real or fake, true or false when you’re being gaslit by a narcissistic abuser. The reason I set the video up the way I did was so that I could capture the cheater in the act and shove the proof in his face so that he could no longer deny his wrongdoings. For a while, in my last relationship, I questioned his loyalty, but I never left because I didn’t have any proof. Once I did get proof. However, I stood my ground, and ran for the hills. I wanted viewers to feel validated that they aren’t crazy or making things up in their heads. I want viewers to feel strong enough to walk away when they find out their partner has been cheating. I want my viewers to learn to love themselves and prioritize their own happiness over staying with someone who makes them feel unloved and unheard. I want my fans to feel like badasses who can take on the world and do anything they want. I want them to feel unstoppable.

What's next for you?

Lots of big things are on the horizon!! I have another single, “Lost Your Chance,” and a full EP ready to go. I will be releasing some new merchandise and activewear this month so keep a lookout for that. Additionally, I have been gearing up for some live performances later this year!


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