Hannah Gross Paints a Minimalistic Pop-Inspired Heartbreak with her latest single, "Tell Me"

When you hear the name Hannah Gross, the upbeat and quirky productions of her Pop career's past like "Fuck The Party," come to mind. That record was her 2019 over-night success, garnishing the Pop-songstress with more than 100 thousand Spotify spins. Her next minimalistic and up-beats sonic endeavors were, "Birthday," where Gross's spacious soundscapes took on a more contemporary hooking aesthetic. But most excitingly, this year, the Michigan-bred Intoner resurfaces, garnishing her fans with a taste of the new fleshy sonics spilling-over from the heart-broken walls of her latest single "Tell Me."

"Tell Me" is a single that reaches down into the heartbreak of a battered-down relationship and diffuses a hypnotic melancholy with every infatuating reverberating that wreaths around the ear. Opening with a whole-bodies acoustic guitar's strums, Hannah Gross takes complete command over every bodily sensation with her softly crushing vocal performance. Her vocals buzz with an unrelenting saturation that manages to evaporate with ever whispering resolve when she sings, "jet black hair like mine, standing on its end, shoulders dipping over, hiding from your sins," in the spacey verse. Here, Gross's spring-reverberated echoes decay back into the heart-wrenching void from which they came as naturally as the current of the wind. When we arrive at the pre-chorus, a newly added melody, and cadence take over for a fleeting transition into the chorus. Festooned with timpani drum and tambourines, Gross sings, "I can see from the other side that you're the jealous type, but when it's time to say goodbye..." before swan-diving us into her hooking chorus. As she sings with endless passion, "tell me I'm the one, tell me that you're changing, tell me that you'd go and do it differently if we made it," Gross's lyrics pull over your heartstrings with timeless melody; quietly devastating as the desperate resounding words impart their final after-glow on your mind.

After the last two singles from Hannah Gross, where she swung between serenading party-goer and then forgetful lover, this third variation of the Michigan-native comes as a surprise. Especially when the previously upbeat Pop singer renders up a heart-broken and infatuating minimalistic and voice-center ballad like "Tell Me," as her next sonic offering. Still, it's a welcome development, and it's got her fans itching for more.

What was the story and emotions behind "Tell Me," and how did you manage to bring all that fleshy vulnerability to the microphone to express this life experience through song?

This song is very much about heartbreak, and the way I was able to get really vulnerable here is largely due to the beautiful humans who were in the room with me. My co-writer Kole and producer Nydge made me feel really comfortable, and the second I started recording I just got transported right back to the memories and the feelings I had experienced in this previous breakup. It’s amazing how songwriting and performing have the ability to take you right back to a moment in time, no matter how long ago it had been. It all just hits you like a ton of bricks. 

Where do you picture your audience listening to "Tell Me" for the best and most immersive experience? What would you hope they'd feel during its playback?

Obviously I'd ultimately like for them to hear it live, but, due to the current times, touring is most definitely on hold. I’d say three cool ways to listen to it are: go take a bath or a shower and turn the song on, go for a drive, or turn the lights low in your bedroom. It’s definitely not the type of song you throw into a party or workout playlist haha

Can you think back on any crucial inspiration or Musical influences you needed to channel into for the performances you've captured on this single?

I am often heavily influenced by Fleetwood Mac, Lykke Li, Florence + The Machine, and Miley Cyrus. 

If you could preface "Tell Me," with a few words that would enhance your listeners' experience during playback, what would you say and why?

Tell Me is raw, it’s real, and it’s relatable. If you’ve ever walked away from someone you loved because you knew it could never work out, this one’s for you. 

What has been keeping you inspired?

It’s been really hard for me to find inspiration with all that is going on in the world, but if I have to pick one thing it would be this: human resilience. Seeing how people in the community have chosen to come together during these extremely divided and dark times is so incredibly awe-inspiring. My friends and family also inspire me so much. A lot has happened this year to some of my very closest loved ones —really painful, dark shit—and watching them continue to wake up every day and keep fighting for the better gives me so much hope that we can all get through this time together.