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Hannah Sands is the Brisbane-based Intoner who Just Released her Luscious Debut Single, "Choices"

Born in Sydney and raised in Australia's largest inbound City—Canberra—Hannah Sands is this year's freshest smooth caroling chanteuse who's minimalistic approach is uprooting what we know as "standard" in the Contemporary Musical panorama of 2020. With an aesthetic that borrows from Neo-soul and R&B, her debut track, "Choices," is a zestful sonic journey through a magnetic production garnished with a narrative that revolves around the freedom one feels when liberated from all things Toxic in a relationship.

Opening up, "Choices," swaggers over the sleek harmonic warbles of Hannah's mellifluent voice. There's a punchy drum-set behind her for support, but the fascinating energy that the Brisbane intoner produces out of thin-air is simply magnetic and demands attention. As we're guided along the lacquered corridors of this enchanting mix, a whole-some low-end peak out from the shadows to adorn some saturated textures over the rhythms measure. It's a minimalistic endeavor, with a snug-muted guitar that coordinates off of the elegant backgrounds, intermingling against Sand's enamoring vocal tonality with meticulous efficiency. 

The most infatuating part of the entire experience is how she fills the spaces of this mix with her entrancing vocal harmonies, wreathing over her main-take with a veteran conviction. It renders like an instrument in of itself, jam-packed with synergizing characters and intonations as we listen-in completely captivated. The type of confidence Hannah exudes when she sings, "you took my love for granted when you tossed me on the floor," is unmistakable. When she continues, "sorry, darling boy, but I don't love you anymore," her words land with an astonishingly quiet, yet devastating blow.

Amongst the sleek swinging hum of the entire sonic shuffle, it's clear that Hannah has had enough. She knows she's better off without the toxic residence of her last relationship, and in the after-glow that adorns her through freedom, Hannah emerges; new, and jovial, with a sophisticated elegance about her. 

Hello Hannah and welcome to BuzzMusic, it's wonderful to have you with us. Can you tell us a little more about your personal experience behind "Choices," and the narrative you were trying to highlight throughout its playback?

Choices was written on the back end of a tumultuous relationship. My partner had cheated on me but we were trying to work through it. I was so drained from giving it my all and one day I just woke up and realized he was still a beautiful person but just not right for me and felt happy knowing it was okay to move on. 

What were some of the emotions you needed to channel in order to capture the stunning vocal performance that you so effortlessly displayed on this debut?

This is going to sound so annoying but the main vocals on this track were the first take we did in the studio haha. I’d shown jay, my Producer the track on acoustic and we wanted to try it with a different feel so I just started singing it and that’s what we used! I’d say for this one being totally present was how it got the best sound. 

Do you feel like Sydney, Canberra, and Brisbane have had some influence on your sound and aesthetic in some form or fashion, or is there something else that stands as your artistic inspiration?

Growing up in Canberra definitely contributed to my quirks as a musician. Canberra holds the Australian National Folk Festival each year which is a beautiful event that I frequented with my dad growing up. Since moving to Brisbane I’ve met a wonderful community of up and coming artists and have definitely been inspired in some way however I just say I think my inspiration more so comes from past internal/emotional experiences and growth and the growth of those around me rather than the places that I’m physically in. 

If you could give your audience a few words that would act as a Prologue before they dive into your Debut track as an independent artist, what would you feel the need to say and why?

Choices is about self-empowerment with the decisions we make, not only in relationships but in everyday life. Don’t doubt yourself, trust your intuition, and be proud of your ability to smile and walk away from something that isn’t right for you. 

What has been keeping you inspired in 2020?

Honestly? COVID19 has helped a lot! Being in lockdown in my unit alone for those couple of months, I’ve never felt more inspired to sit with myself and get all the music inside me down on tracks. A good reminder that life as we know it can change at any moment but music will always keep going. It’s timeless! 



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