Hard-Hitting Vocalist Splizzard Unleashes His Power In "Gorilla"

Hailing from Washington, DC, is powerful rap artist Splizzard. Splizzard is unique in his own way of rapping (can't you tell by the name), and he produces tracks that acquire such a robust intensity, only few can really pull off. Splizzard not only pulls off the combative approach to his music, he nails it in every way possible. We honestly couldn't find one element to Splizzard's tracks that didn't feel honest and raw to us. He puts out real energy, and shares vulnerable experiences with his listeners in order to root for a deeper resonance with them. Already grinding hard in 2019, Splizzard has released three singles, along with music videos that will change your way of viewing rap. We love the contribution Splizzard is making to the rap music scene, especially in this day and age. Our new favorite track is Splizzard's most recent release: "Gorilla". 

Splizzard, without a doubt, incorporates heavy-hitting and impactful vocalism within his latest track "Gorilla". The track maintains an aggressive and forceful tone throughout, making way for an intense execution. Splizzard's lyrical production cannot be overlooked---Splizzard attempts to connect with listeners in a deeper way, integrating lyricism that holds his honest and true experiences. We're receiving the same type of energy with Splizzard as we do with Eminem's sound production---the type of energy that is fierce, yet clearly vivid. "Gorilla" is a track that will get your blood pumping for sure, and we already know if we ever have to get aggressively hyped up, Splizzard's tracks are the way to go! 

Catch Splizzard's "Gorilla" here, and scroll below for our interview with the artist!

Hey Splizzard! Can you tell our readers the meaning behind your stage name? What element to the name resonated with you most?

My name is a mix of two nicknames I had when I was younger. Psychotic "because I was always a little on edge" (and who else isn’t sometimes now and then) and The Wizard "because for some reason I’ve always been gifted when working with electronics" (implementing that to Music Production). Somewhere down the line people started calling me Splizzard to make it easier and it stuck. Nowadays I relate mostly to The Wizard because I can do almost anything in the Lab and I’m always looking to push new boundaries.

Knowing that a large portion of your music is a big reflection on your personal life, how important is it to you to resonate with your listeners when it comes to personal and private experiences?

I feel that the most emotional music comes from a personal space. It is very important to connect on a personal level. I want to always make music that relates to what I’m going through at that moment. You never know when someone if feeling the exact same way you are feeling right now and what you contribute maybe can help.

Did you feel the overall message of "Gorilla" was easily communicated to listeners? What would you say was the integral message in the track?

I feel like the overall message is hidden but easily identified. It is that we can all be a stereotype but it’s up to us to show the world what we truly are. We are what we want to be

Who would you say are your top two musical influences? Do these artists have a huge influence on the production of your music?

My two Top Musical influences are Eminem (of course because of the raw lyrical talent and the way he connects words) and Logic (because he is very relatable, is rapping about more than what most other rappers are talking about nowadays and plus he's from my home town Maryland) shout out 301. They have a huge impact on my music "no mumble rap".

What are you up to next after the release of "Gorilla"?

I’m currently working on new songs, collaborations and Videos. I’m also doing local shows in the upcoming months "watch out DC". Might drop an album at the end of the year "Lord willing". The sky is the limit for me at the moment.


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