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HARKNESS Gets Us Moving With His Psychedelic Single, "Lure of the Pollen"

Hailing from Toronto, Canada, the Alternative Artist, Producer, and Singer/Songwriter HARKNESS drops a bombastic banger titled, "Lure of the Pollen."

After tirelessly honing his production skills and songwriting craft, HARKNESS has been fine-tuning his work for over a decade now. Having written countless songs, HARKNESS couldn't find a better time to share his musical venture with listeners and allow them to feel the colorful instrumentals/sonics he creates.

Through his recent hit, "Lure of the Pollen," we hear HARKNESS delve deeper into Alternative with his psychedelic sonics and uplifting vocal delivery. While singing passionate and witty lyricism that lets the listener find a meaning of their own, HARKNESS offers a lively atmosphere that gets our toes tapping with each beat.

"Lure of the Pollen" begins with energy from the very top. HARKNESS jumps into the song's hook right off the bat and offers this uplifting feeling through his rhythmic delivery and unique sonics/instrumentals. As HARKNESS captures brilliantly nostalgic aspects through his broad vocal range, we love the energy and passion he delivers.

Listening to HARKNESS's lyrical message, we can't help but feel this raw desire for someone special as he paints pictures of magic in the air and wanting to embark on a new relationship journey with the right person. Through his blend of organic and synthetic instrumentals, we love the broad and psychedelic feel that HARKNESS has delivered with this bop.

"Lure of the Pollen" reminds listeners to go with their gut and seek the love they desire. HARKNESS made it incredibly easy to bask in the glory of his recent single while also allowing the listener to find a passionate meaning of their own.

Was your single "Lure of the Pollen" inspired by anything in particular? What drove you to make the piece?

It was early summer and it was that time of year when everyone just seemed to look and feel so fine. The Sun was just starting to drop so the lighting became even more magical, it was then that I saw a particularly enchanting girl while riding on the bus. I couldn't help myself and approached her, my stop was quickly approaching, and as I think she was feeling 'something' too we managed to exchange email addresses just before I exited. Within just a few steps of leaving the bus, the song came..."There are no words for..."

Within your single "Lure of the Pollen," you infuse rather psychedelic and nostalgic sonic aspects into the song. How did you craft your instrumentals to offer this lively space?

When I write it generally comes fast and furious. As far as instrumentation goes it never feels like a choice, I never refer to other songs or periods or even a word like "psychedelic." There really is no intention of creating anything in particular or to keep within any type of framework or genre. Sounds like low range bassoons and tubas and marimbas and flutes just seem to be there automatically in my ears and I just dutifully score the song as it comes. As far as why I might hear these sounds I think it simply comes down to having a father who was a musician and who took my brother and me to many, many concerts ever since we were very young. One day we'd be seeing a Big Band, the next a string quartet, and the next ELO.

Speaking on your lyrical content within "Lure of the Pollen," you capture incredibly playful and passionate concepts. Is there any meaning behind the song's title that you repeat within the piece?

Lyrics are a tough topic to really talk about mainly because in the end there is no fixed meaning to them. At the moment I wrote, "...The Lure of the Pollen" it was all about those profound butterflies between a dude and a gal, that otherworldly buzz that you feel through your whole body and soul. But obviously many other moments in life provide similarly mind-blowing vibes, you can be completely alone and feel the wind blow softly on you and feel equally as excited. In the end, the song riffs on ALL things beyond our understanding.

Seeing as "Lure of the Pollen" is the third released single off your upcoming album "The Occasion," how do the released singles give a taste of what we should anticipate from the overall album?

These singles really are just the tip of a massive iceberg or mountain of music. A song like "Defibrillator" definitely hints at the music that doesn't follow traditional songwriting form and there is a lot of that on the album. Like I said earlier when a song comes I just grab its tail and follow where it leads without questioning it so that inevitably leads to some very interesting instrumentation and structure. I hope that people can dig the spirit behind it all even if it's not what they are accustomed to.

What can we expect to see from you as we enter a new year?

I am planning another couple of singles in early 2021 before the full album drops on March 5th. Musically speaking you should expect the unexpected for sure. Yes, there will be some very simple, short, and sweet numbers like "I.D." and even "Lure of the Pollen" but I promise a little bit more of an epic adventure on some of the other upcoming album tracks. Thanks ahead of time to those who stick around for the whole ride.



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