Harper Starling Takes Her Chances in a New Music Video, "No More What If"

A proud Wisconsinite at heart, Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter, and recording artist Harper Starling tracks her journey to the west coast with her latest music video entitled "No More What If."

Embodying the Upper Midwestern sense of modesty and humor thanks to her Wisconsin roots and upbringing, Harper Starling felt compelled to grow as an artist outside of her comfort zone. After making the move to California, Harper Starling scored various BillBoard dance hits that have made her a clear force to be reckoned with.

Sharing her biography through her latest single and music video, "No More What If," Harper Starling and her uplifting message pour through our speakers while leaving listeners feeling inspired to reach for the stars. As the music video follows Harper Starling and her journey to California, we're able to get a better understanding of the young artist's passion and devotion to her craft.

Peaking at the music video for "No More What If," the scene opens with Harper Starling hauling her luggage out the door and basking in her surroundings one last time before hitting the road. As she makes her way into Los Angeles, Harper Starling nervously strolls through the streets while fumbling her resumes, only to land in front of a businesswoman who graciously took her in.

The second half of the video tracks Harper Starling's current stance and experience in Los Angeles, taking chances, seizing opportunities, and living in the moment. We love the concept of this music video, as it encourages any viewer to reach for the stars and follow their heart.

Get your fix of inspiration with help from Harper Starling's latest music video for "No More What If," available to watch on YouTube.

Welcome to Buzz-Music, Harper Starling. "No More What If" is one of the most inspirational singles to drop this year. Why was it important to track your journey out west with this release?

Happy to be here! I wanted to share my journey in order to help others find the courage to take their own risks and pursue their dreams.

You're a natural on camera. How did you link up with Devin Dilmore to shoot the music video? Did you collaborate on the vision?

Thank you for the compliment! Cindy and I were researching videographers in Los Angeles and came across Devin’s website. We were very impressed with his previous work and through multiple conversations, knew he would be the perfect fit for our vision. I’m so happy with the synergy we all had during filming.

Have you worked with Cindy Valentine or Niko The Kid prior to this single? What was it like working as a team on it?

I have been fortunate to work with Cindy on prior projects of mine like Lip Service, No Excuses, and I Love Me. Cindy has worked with Niko in the past and knew he would be a great addition to this project. The three of us worked so well together that we completed a second single right after finishing No More What If.

We're also fans of your single "Euphoria," do you think you'll do another track with The Perry Twins down the line?

So happy to hear you enjoyed “Euphoria!” I’m always down for collaborations so we’ll see what the future brings!

If you could co-headline your dream tour, who would it be with?

I would be honored to co-headline with Lady Gaga!

Do you have any advice for someone that's considering leaving home to follow their dream?

Take a deep breath and know that while there may be bumps along the way, the risks will be worth it.

We hear you plan on touring later this year! Can you fill us in? Where and when?

I certainly am! I will be touring the UK this upcoming October with A1 for their A Game Tour.