Harrison Storm Recaps "Be Slow" Tour

Welcome, Harrison Storm! Congratulations on the success of your latest single, "Be Slow"! Looking back at your career only a few years ago, did you truly believe that you'd artistically reach the point at which you are now? Do you feel that your vision for your music has only remained consistent over the years, or has it morphed into what we hear now with a sense of cultivation?

Thanks for having me! Over the past few years I’ve managed to find myself in places I never thought I’d visit in my life and I have the music to thank for that. The connection people seem to have to the songs is something I’ve worked passionately at and it is really heartwarming to see it continue to grow. I feel my perspective on so many things has changed for the better by this expansion and I'm constantly re-evaluating my approach to music sonically. But the fundamentals of songwriting will always remain the same for me; being as authentic as I can be as an artist and making the song come first. "Be Slow" is an incredibly soothing song, and we found it quite easy to get lost in the calming sensation it provided. What kind of feeling did you intend to impart on your listeners with "Be Slow"? Would you say that you had designed the song to have curative properties?

I’m glad the song made you feel that way! When we (Nick Atkinson, Edd Holloway and myself) made this song, we really wanted to impart a sense of ease into a more reflective mindset, specifically thinking about how we spend our time, day today. The song was written and produced in a day or two and seemed to really be guided by being as present as we could be. I remember being quite hypnotized by the repetitive nature of the chord progression and the meandering of the vocal melodies which really took me on a journey.

As an artist who hones in on vulnerability, how do you feel you're challenged musically in order to establish the prevalent and intimate connection you have with your listeners? I’ve kind of set this internal criterion when I listen to a song I’ve just written or has just been produced to see if it's ready to share with the world. It involves many different aspects but the main feeling I want to have when listening is “does this song make me really feel something?” Sometimes recognizing true feelings in my own songs can be tough due to the personal nature of the meaning and not wanting to face them, so it can be uncomfortable. But I usually give the song time to breathe, with a break from listening to it for a while. Then if I come back to it and still feel something from it, its likely someone else will too, in whatever capacity. So that tells me that it is worth sharing. Known for your characterizable soft and tranquil sound, have you ever been enticed to play with genres disparate than what your music encases now? Do you find that you're an artist who generally is able to step out of their creative comfort zone, or do you believe you've truly established one primary sound for yourself? I generally just make music I enjoy listening to personally, but its always fun to play around with different sounds and techniques when things become stagnant. I've been collaborating with other artists more recently and that is always a challenge but something I find really enriching. When I first moved out of home I lived with a reggae band and joined them on stage quite a few times to perform. It didn't influence my music sonically but I think being exposed to the lyrical content behind the music enhanced my appreciation for different perspectives on emotions and how they’re woven into the song. As an Australian-born artist, how do you feel that living in Los Angeles, CA is aiding in your growth as an artist? Are there moments and memories intrinsic to LA that stimulate some of the content you communicate through your music?

You're currently on tour across North America with Hollow Coves! Can you share with our readers your experience touring so far, and the sensation you feel whilst performing on stage? How would you describe the energy in the crowd? Touring North America is really incredible. We’re seeing some beautiful natural landscapes during the drives and the differences in the scenery we’re passing through day to day is captivating. Long days in the van with lots of reading, listening to music and writing in my journal. Stopping at random places and being pleasantly surprised by the little things. The shows have been truly unique each time. Hollow Coves fans really seem to appreciate music and come to the shows to listen quite attentively which is refreshing. I can't remember the last time I enjoyed a tour as much! We appreciate the time to chat about your career! You've come an incredible way artistically, Harrison Storm! Your music is elegantly articulated with an enriched quality that we won't ever forget. What would you say your artistic plans are after you're done touring with Hollow Coves?

Thanks so much for the kind words! I plan to just continue to write and record as much as I can, but really allow myself to experience and be inspired by the normal things in life. I’m learning to really pay attention to the details because a lot can be learned from the things we seem to not give much energy to.