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Harrison Walker Basks in the Development of Love With, "Commitments"

Born in High Wycombe, and currently living between London and Bournemouth, 22-year-old Harrison Walker has been writing commercial music influenced by R&B, trap, and drill in his bedroom over the last 4 years.

Inspired by the likes of Santino Le Saint, Brakence, and EDEN, he states; ‘Most of my inspiration either comes from personal events that have happened to me or people close to me. I also sometimes create fake scenarios in my head and write about those too.’

In a reverberated universe of heartfelt emotion pouring from the soul-infused melodies, there is an inimitable lane that divides Harrison Walker from other artists in this genre. “Commitments,” is the most recent release from the flourishing artist and we’re taken back by the extensive vocal range he seamlessly dips into through candid harmony dimensions.

Merging the spirits of a blossomed story unfolding, the narrative of “Commitments,” delves into love and the development of a relationship between two people authentically growing to love one another. There is a significant moment where the song's instrumentation and tempo transition, and at that point, the tale adapts with it.

Steered by the signature ambiance Harrison Walker is adored for, we sense the overflow of compelling tenors that move the instrumentation through synth grounded chords, and heartbeat-like percussion pattern that emphasizes the vitality in love.

Being swooped into our own heartrending recollections, we get caught up in the plot that Harrison Walker depicts as the subject matter is relatable in ways lived out. Keeping us fully engaged with each mesmerizing word shed, we admire the depth that Harrison Walker endures as he delivers a poignant message with utter care.

We love the way that “Commitments,” grows with both the story development and the musicality. Was this always your vision when you began creating this single?

Originally, no. Not at all actually. I was heading in a direction of writing from the perspective that the two people in question were never going to get together and that the girl in this situation was going to get messed around by the guy. The reason I changed was mainly due to the feel of the song, hard to explain, but it just didn’t have that sort of vibe if I carried on the lyrical content in that direction.

How does “Commitments,” compare to other songs heard in your music catalog? What does this specific track say about you as an artist and the direction you’re headed with your art?

Compared to all of my releases I’d say "Commitments" is the perfect blend of them all. The majority of the songs I’ve released so far are very upbeat and hard-hitting. My release before "Commitments," "For You," however, is very slow and more of an acoustic vibe and I wanted to blend those powerful beats with the soft melodies, creating "Commitments." This is definitely the direction I’m taking my artistry, I want my songs to be the ones that are played on long car journeys but also at events and parties. Songs that people can relate to on a personal level.

With such remarkable accolades throughout your music career, did you happen to have a turning point in your journey that allowed you to propel to the next level?

Surprisingly, I think the turning point for me was actually leaving university, I studied Commercial Songwriting and it was a very safe environment. I was releasing songs whilst studying but not worrying too much about what the plan was after, just drifting along. When I left I realized that the only way I would make it in the music industry was by myself, I taught myself how to produce and play instruments and then took my artistry more seriously. I began to brand myself more and take care of the sounds I was putting out to people, it’s now a part of my personality rather than something I’m just checking out.

What are you hoping that your audience takes away from the emotions felt and messaging in “Commitments?"

So, I always feel people should take their own message from my music. However it relates to someone, I’m happy with, as long as they can connect in some way. The way I wrote the song though and my personal vision from it is to tell people not to be scared to get into something serious with someone. It can seem so fun and easy when you’re messing around with someone but if you really feel you have a connection with that person then grab it with both hands. It’s way too common these days that people get scared and run away, it’s too easy now. You can block, ghost, ignore people if you don’t want to deal with the situation anymore. But yes the message for me was to not be scared, go with the flow. If it’s good, it’s good, enjoy it.



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