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Harry Gray Spreads Meaningful And Soulful Lyrics In “Tell ‘Em”

Born and raised in Elizabeth, New Jersey, now residing in Washington, D.C. Harry Gray brings soulful music back into the rap scene. Multi-talented, Harry creates music that blends the lines of soul, R&B and classic hip-hop. He pays no mind to mainstream sounds and stays true to making music that evokes a spiritual response from himself and listeners.

Harry Gray’s newest release “Tell ‘Em”, highlights the ever increasing gun violence problem in America. Affected the most are urban areas, “Tell ‘Em” focuses on the toll gun violence can take on inner city youth in poverty stricken communities. “Tell ‘Em” samples Lauryn Hill’s “Tell Him” flawlessly, it's reminiscent of the smooth throwback track but it adds the perfect back up vocals for Harry Gray’s precise flow. Harry recites every verse and chorus with meaningful intent and power. The raw energy and soul comes through the speakers, Harry’s emotive lyrics make his passion come alive. The animated video to match the track really hits home and makes “Tell ‘Em” demand to be heard. Harry Gray has the voice to make a difference through his powerful ballads. The classic hip-hop track “Tell ‘Em” is a timeless hit! I recoend you check out this track and the video. Stay on the lookout for Harry Gray and his rise to the top. Let’s see more of this hip-hop on the charts.

Check out “Tell ‘Em” here and scroll down for our exclusive interview with Harry Gray.

Hi Harry! Can you start by telling our readers more about yourself and how you got started making music?

I originally, started to develop myself as a Musical Artist at Howard University during Undergrad. Throughout High School I never got a chance to get into music because I always Juggled two to three sports(Basketball, Track and Field(Indoor and Outdoor) Year round. However, In College I did not play basketball and decided I wanted to immerse myself in Music. At Howard I majored in English Literature  and Minored in Music. By Minoring in Music I got a chance to study classical voice and choral music under The Great James Weldon Norris.During this time is when I first started to write my own rhymes. 

“Tell ‘Em” is a powerful track! What is your favorite lyric? Why?

These are my favorite lyrics from this song because it basically sums up who I am as a person- one who is not ego driven and and strives to judge people based off of their character instead financial and individual achievements.

What do you hope listeners take away from hearing “Tell ‘Em”?

What I want Listeners to take away from Tell "EM is that Senseless killings in the Urban Communities has to stop. There are too many outside factors that contribute to the overall state of communities of color for us not to come together and unite.

Who are your top three musical influences?

My top three musical influences are Stevie Wonder, Jadakiss and Lauryn Hill.

What do you think sets you apart from other artists?

What I think is going to set me apart from other Rap Artists is Love and Knowledge of those that came before me. As we know Hip-Hop is a Genre in which many Artists pull from various musical experiences old and new to recreate new concepts and musical ideas. I believe that my knowledge and Ear for classic hip-hop, soul and R&B gives me the tools I need to Set New Trends instead of follow what are artists are doing.


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