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Haus Flore Envisions Possible Futures For Love In “Notebook”

The EDM duo Haus Flore, from futuristic France and Germany, tells a time-traveling story of love and sex in their single “Notebook” in collaboration with Christina Luyo.

Haus Flore is a duo from a futuristic cyber France and Germany who decided to bring their music to our time to bring people together out of pure love for electronic music. It seems that people in the next century still struggle with the same issues as us, but they might have learned something to teach us through music.

“Notebook” is the story of a sex worker who longs for a future with a lover, so she imagines how it would be with each of her sexual partners. Sadly, their encounters are disappointing, as she tells us in “Notebook.” Still, it is a beautiful song about story and life written by Maxime Boublil, produced by Dominik Falkowski, and with the dreamy voice of Christina Luyo.

The intro of “Notebook” caresses your ears with a sweet violin that accompanies Christina’s voice and digital guitar notes that sound like tender pulses. There are piano notes alongside the sweet violin that adds a touching ambiance while Christina indulges your sense with her fantastic vocal abilities, perfect for this electro-ballad.

The instrumentals are pure ecstasy, and when “Notebook” drops, they run through your head, making you close your eyes and breathe deeply out of pure relaxation and blissfulness. Every second of “Notebook” feels like resting on cotton or feeling the wind on your face.

Give in to the pleasant sounds of the future and listen to "Notebook."

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Haus Flore, and congratulations on your latest release, "Notebook." What inspired the lyrics of "Notebook?"

The lyrics of "Notebook" were written when Lucinda Sage (co-writer) and I looked at each other and said, "what if we write about something we have never experienced? What if we placed ourselves in the skin of somebody else? With the influences of musical theatre in my head, thinking of Miss Saigon and Les Miserables, the first thought that came to mind was, “what about a sex worker”? and the song started to come to life. How did the collaboration with Christina Luyo come about? What was it like collaborating together on "Notebook?"

Funnily enough, I’m in a long-distance relationship and have been for two years with a girl from Peru. While visiting Lima one day, a friend of ours invited us to this cafe where Cristina sang the covers of “Olivia Rodrigo.” I’m an absolute fan of Olivia Rodrigo, and the whole time, I thought to myself, “please do her justice,” and my expectations were blown away. Cristina crushed it, and coincidentally, she found herself in Miami a few weeks later. It was meant to be, so I booked a trip to Miami, and we recorded the song. She was the best to work with, excited about the song, had amazing harmonies, and was just a genuinely kind-hearted person. Tell us, how would you describe the feeling of listening to "Notebook?"

When Dominik and I listen to "Notebook," we get a feeling of nostalgia and purpose at the same time. It was a long time coming for us to make a big room EDM song together, but with this cinematic aspect, that’s even more gratifying. Electronic music has become too dark over the past few years, and we want to bring back the light.

What message would you like listeners to know about "Notebook?"

We don’t want listeners to know anything more than what they hear. Now that they know the story behind the song let’s see where their imagination takes them.

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