Havyn Reminds Us to Keep Faith After Losing Love With, “People Change (feat. Rakeem Miles)”

LA’s own, Havyn finds alternative/electronic bliss with his recent catchy single “People Change (feat. Rakeem Miles)”. After graduating from JMC Academy in Australia for Music Production, Havyn took it upon himself to broaden his sound by blending genres like R&B, hip-hop, rock and electronic. While keeping it real and authentic with each track, his recent genuine single “People Change (feat. Rakeem Miles)” speaks on moving on from past love and changing for the better. Through vibrant electric guitar and growling electronic synths, Havyn takes us on a venture into the soul with passionate emotion. Beginning with filtered electric guitar, giving us an alternative-rock sound from the jump, “People Change (feat. Rakeem Miles)” grows and expands into a truly unique blend of alternative and R&B. As Havyn begins softly expressing his deep-running emotions, his vocals full of breath and space give us a sense of warmth through his lyrics like “speaking of the funny ways people change”. While giving us those classic electronic synth bass lines, Rakeem Miles begins vocalizing with an R&B approach and sings the same passionate and heartfelt message of moving past a relationship. Effortlessly capturing a pure blend of different genres with “People Change (feat. Rakeem Miles)”, Havyn brings forward beautiful instrumentation and brilliant production techniques, only to remind you of authenticity.

You can discover “People Change (feat. Rakeem Miles)” here.

Hey Havyn, welcome to BuzzMusic! We’re truly mesmerized by your brilliant blend of genres within your recent single “People Change (feat. Rakeem Miles)”. How did you narrow down your production to reach the sonic end goal for the overall sound/atmosphere?

I actually made the first version of that song in 2016 and tweaked it a little bit over the years. I changed the drums; added a new chorus and guitars. Sometimes my ears get too used to hearing the song and I need to take a step back from the song and not listen to it for a couple months (or years). When I return with fresh ears I can better hear what the track needs. I always loved the song but felt like it was missing something. In 2018 I became friends with Rakeem Miles and asked him to hop on the track with me. After he recorded his verse, I felt like the song was complete.

Within your single “People Change (feat. Rakeem Miles)”, Havyn and Rakeem Miles bring in beautiful vocals with incredibly positive messages. Could you expand on the songwriting process between you and Rakeem Miles, where did you find lyrical inspiration?

In the first verse, I talk about how I wanted to impress this girl by making more money and buying an expensive car. I did achieve those goals, but by the time I did, she was already gone and I never got to show her and enjoy my new lifestyle with her. She was really smart. Like, dangerously smart. She had me fooled- that's for sure. Turns out, she had another boyfriend at the same time and I had no idea because she was such a good liar. One of my favorite traits- her intelligence- ended up biting me in the ass. Sometimes people don't turn out to be who you think they are.  Suddenly you find out who they really are and who they have been the whole time. People are not always honest, and I never know who I can trust. I never got to see her in person and talk things out after I found out about everything. And because of that, my brain doesn't connect the person that she is and the person I loved. So in my subconscious these are two different people. So I've never been able to stop missing the person who I thought she was because my subconscious still believes that person really exists. I think you can sense that in the lyrics of 'People Change'. In Rakeem’s verse, I get the sense that he is riffing off the topic that I introduced, and I can tell he can relate to everything that I went through. 

We’ve heard that Havyn has worked with many notable producers and artists, giving you, even more, industry knowledge and experience. How have these sessions helped your music and career grow to what it is now?

Every single person that I work with- it doesn't matter how successful, experienced, or even inexperienced they are- I will always learn something from them-big or small. And it's a two-way street. I almost always have something that I can teach them as well. Whether it's the method that I use to start writing a new song or a little FX trick with an obscure plug-in. We all have different ways of doing things and we can always learn from each other. That's why it is so important to get your ego out of the way when working with others. Always question yourself and be open-minded. Look for opportunities to learn from others. Because that's going to help you the most in the long run.  

Through always keeping it real and genuine, we’ve heard that Havyn preaches authenticity over anything else. How does your music reflect this statement, and how have you incorporated these morals into your music?

I always try my best to authentically represent myself in my songs through both the music and the lyrics. When I listen back to my music, sometimes it too accurately depicts myself and I don't just see the good side, I see the ugly side of myself as well. It's a vulnerable feeling. I feel naked in front of a crowd every time I release a new song. But I hope people who listen to my music, sense a real, whole individual on the other side of the microphone, and then relate to what I'm feeling so they don't feel alone. People don't realize that our lives look different on the outside but we go through a lot of the same inner battles. I'm in a constant inner battle with myself. At this point I feel that it's my natural state. Maybe that's why every time I make a new song, I usually don't release it until 2-4 years later. Because I'm always questioning myself. But I think that's what makes us better individuals. Just don't forget to take the plunge when you know you're ready. It's a balance between questioning yourself and being brave enough to make moves when you need to. 

What can we expect to see next from you?

My next single is called ‘Real Love’ and I can’t wait to share it with everyone. It’s coming out this summer 2020. 


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