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Hayden Joseph Grabs Our Attention In His Latest Release, “Dog Beers”

Hayden Joseph, the openly LGBT artist, defies this by creating a safe place in his music to talk about topics other experiences in his latest, catchiest song, "Dog Beers."

Hayden's love for music was there since he could talk; being naturally gifted in music, it blossoms throughout his adult life. The South Carolina native is no stranger to the country scene, drawing inspiration from the likes of Taylor Swift and other major artists to cultivate his own niche. His southern charm caught the attention of listeners with his first single in 2019.

Hayden's consistent releases have brought him many placements and the attention of Spotify playlist curators, giving him that extra shove in the right direction. "Dog Beers" (his latest release) brings us a more vivid picture and storyline of his life (if it was measured in dog years).

"Dog Beers" begins with that southern-flavored guitar melody and tempo, setting the scene perfectly for Hayden to make his entrance. Hayden begins his storytelling, singing, "It's 5 0-clock on Friday, let's kiss the week goodbye". The weekend mood sets in as he brings through fun vocals giving us a perfect image of his excitement at the moment of him leaving work.

The dog years reference comes through poetically, describing his weekend endeavors to be merely but a glimpse... as is 1 year for a dog, merely a glimpse. He mentions to have had many beers, but just 1 in "Dog Beers" - well played. The metaphoric reference seamlessly weaves this track together and brings forth a great listening experience at your fingertips.

Hayden Joseph's creativity speaks volumes, writing everything from the heart; we are here on the receiving end, appreciating your creativity and intricate lyricism.

Welcome to BuzzMusic Hayden. We adore your exciting new release, "Dog Beers"! What sparked the original idea to create such a masterpiece?

The majority of my songs lean on the serious side, but every so often, I get the urge to write something silly. I got the idea for "Dog Beers" while "celebrating" my french bulldog's 1st birthday and drinking a spiked seltzer. I thought to myself, "wow, that phrase is RIGHT there." I brought the hook to a frequent collaborator, Bryan Ruby, and the song was born.

What was the songwriting process like when writing "Dog Beers?" Was this a challenging process, or did your words just flow with ease?

Nothing about writing this song was challenging :D. The title wrote itself. Once the idea was there, I knew exactly what I wanted to do with it, and we (my co-writer and I) wrote to the phrase, "In 'Dog Beers,' I've only had one." I would say it took less than an hour, and I think it turned out perfectly.

How can listeners get to know you on a more personal level with "Dog Beers?" How does this song represent you?

This is not the song to get to know me on a personal level ;). This is the song that will pique your interest and make you stumble upon the rest of my catalog. This song is meant to show versatility and a sense of humor (no one likes a guy who takes himself too seriously). If you want to get to know me on a more personal level, listen to my latest EP, "I'm Not There Yet," or my debut album, "Different."

Did you work entirely solo, or did you have assistance with the production part of "Dog Beers?"

I wrote the song with a frequent collaborator, "Bryan Ruby," and worked with producers that had a hand in several previous projects (Adam Sickler / Elysse Yulo). It takes a village, and they knocked it out of the park.


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