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Hayley Lynn Sweetens Our Days With A New Song and Video, "Do For You"

The acclaimed independent/alternative artist and singer-songwriter Hayley Lynn releases a warm embrace with her recent single and music video, "Do For You."

Known as a musical attention grabber, Hayley Lynn made her wordsmith essence known through her debut full-length album, 'Bring on the Flames,' which garnered vast attention through radio networks and television sync placements. Continuously releasing ear candy for anyone to take a bite of, Hayley Lynn is currently gearing up to release her future projects, as she has lots in store for us.

Putting a spell on us with her comforting single and music video, "Do For You," Hayley Lynn had the opportunity to team up with her sister, who co-choreographed the music video. Hayley Lynn had this to say regarding the single itself:"'Do For You' was written as a comforting love song dedicated to the lows of my struggle with depression."

Hitting play on the single "Do For You," the song gracefully opens with tender electric guitar picking and soothing background synths. As Hayley Lynn begins vocalizing her attempts to dry her eyes and move past inevitable struggles, she later delves into those gut-wrenching emotions and questions whether she can flee these negative thoughts.

Peaking at the music video for "Do For You," we're met with scenes of two dancers fluidly moving their bodies to the contemporary stylings of Hayley Lynn. With solo shots of Lynn pondering her thought-provoking lyricism, she later joins the two dancers as they close the video with grace and serenity.

Find Hayley Lynn's soothing single, "Do For You," on all digital streaming platforms, and watch the song's delicate music video on YouTube.

Welcome back to BuzzMusic, Hayley Lynn. We're head over heels for the heart and emotion you've placed into your new single, "Do For You." What inspired you to write a single based upon the lows of depression and the struggles it comes with?

During the pandemic, I think everyone has struggled with depression. Even folks who haven't previously experienced it before. Depression has always been something I've had and dealt with since I was young and it didn't get better once the lockdown started. This song is about loving someone who copes with depression. I wanted to write a song I could sing to myself, for myself. Hoping it finds peace in others the way it has for me.

What did you want the listener to feel after listening to your emotional lyricism within "Do For You?"

I want the listener to feel that they are not alone, and even when you may feel like you don't know how to lift yourself up, it's possible. The people who love you are there for you, even if they might not know how to help the best way, they love you unconditionally.

What was it like working alongside your sister and the two featured dancers when creating the music video for "Do For You?" What was the shooting process like?

My sister, Reanna Trank, was one of the dancers and choreographers in the music video, and working with both her and our friend Sarah Foster was a dream. We would meet up at their studio and practice until it felt right and then we were ready to film. When we were growing up, my sister and I were very artistic. She was the dancer and I was the songwriter. When I got the chance to see her perform I always wanted to make something she could dance to and this project made that experience happen. So I couldn't' be happier.

How does the music video for "Do For You" complement and emphasize the song's theme?

When I watch people dance or even when I've danced with someone, it's always based on trust. Trusting your partner and trusting that they have your back. Working together. And when you open up to someone about your journey with mental health you put a lot of trust in that person because you're being vulnerable. Love is a lot like dancing. So when I was writing the song, I had this vision in my head that the story only needed to be conveyed in the movement and lyrics. Anyone listening or watching it could piece it together however they wished, but visually they could see the trust and love that's in it.

What's your favorite release this year, from an independent artist you admire?

My favorite so far would be the song 'Porcelain' by Laryssa Birdseye. It's incredibly vulnerable and powerful with the production and lyrics and I can't stop listening to it.


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