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HBKDoza Applies the Pressure in, "3 AM (Outro)"

HBKDoza is an artist from Atlanta, GA who has been pursuing music for the past few years. He first introduced his sound on SoundCloud before being able to put his music on all streaming platforms where he began to garner a small, yet dedicated fan base.

With his recently released EP, ‘Applying Pressure,’ we get to tap into a more retrospective side of the artist through his creativity. As we hone in on the final track on the five-song EP, we hear the piano forward and cognizant nature of “3 AM (Outro).” Exploring a sector of his vulnerability in a way that allows us to reach HBKDoza on an intimate level, the passion that is poured into this record acts as the perfect way to close off ‘Applying Pressure,’ while leaving his audience with some food for thought.

HBKDoza delivers his verses in a way that has you fully tuned into each word he conveys. The minimalist essence of the instrumentation allows the attention to remain on the clarity in not only the thoughts portrayed, but the overall tonal distinction of HBKDoza. You’re able to relate to him on a heightened level that brings up themes of familiarity and grippingly raw emotion.

Lyrical motifs such as, ‘I done went through so much pain I refuse to lose, get the money or the fame; which one would you choose,?’ encourages us as listeners to transport our minds to seek out the answer for ourselves. Prepare yourselves for a burst of profound reality so rich, you’ll have to run it back just to take it in once more.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, HBKDoza, and congratulations on the release of your EP, ‘Applying Pressure.’ We loved the authenticity that was illuminated in “3 AM (Outro).” With the focus being placed on this song, how does it tie into the concept of the project?

I think the last song brings the whole project together. From the title of the ep to the whole overall theme of the ep, The term "applying pressure" means that no matter who you are or how big you are, that you always want to give 110 percent in everything you do, And that's what I believed I did on this ep.

Did you always know that this song would be placed last on the tracklist? What is its significance to you as an artist and individual?

After putting all the tracks together and having multiple listening sessions it just felt like this song needed to be last. It's like the final piece to a puzzle it ties everything together nicely. It almost feels like the climax to everything you heard. I think when the listener gives this project a listen I'm hoping they realize this too.

Could you please share a bit about the EP with us? How long did it take you to create, and what themes can we expect to hear throughout this masterpiece?

Originally the ep was supposed to drop in December of 2020 towards the final week. The original concept was to go through a bunch of instrumentals and beats I had on my computer and try to create something hard-hitting catchy and make sure there were little to no skips. It was basically me "Applying Pressure" to the listener and have them realize "hey this guy is the real deal". Again this ep was set to release in December but I had pushed it back due to me tweaking and fixing minor audio issues and redoing verses and whatnot. After I had it slated for March but there was an issue with adding it onto streaming platforms. I think it was formatting issues or something but I had to remove it off everything and upload it all over again which delayed it a week or 2.

What is your mission statement as an artist? How is that reiterated in “3 AM (Outro)?"

I think the statement that I'm trying to make as an artist is to always give your best when it comes to something your passionate about. Whether it's music, sports, art, business. If it's something you see yourself doing that you feel will impact your life and change the way you live you always want to give it your all, you want to make sure you're applying pressure everywhere you go. Anything is possible when you set your mind to it and give it your all.

What can listeners expect next from you?

I'm currently working on my Heartbreak Saga 2 project which is the sequel to my first project from 3 years ago. It's a way different sound from applying pressure due to its themes of heartbreak and love and all that good sad stuff in it. I'm experimenting with a few sounds and beats as well as trying to get a bit more creative with my music videos shout out to Bene productions and its crew! But hopefully, you'll see me again on here in a couple of months when I'm able to sit down for the breakdown of the album. I will be dropping a single from it later in June so be on the lookout for that as well. Thanks so much for having me on here and make sure you follow me on all platforms @HBKDoza.

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