HBKorey Drops Fresh New Single "Bum B"

Coming to us from Miami, Florida, HBKorey gives us a clap-back hit on "BUM B." An ode to all his exes, HBKorey brushes his shoulder's off of past relationship debris.HbKorey has been creating music as an independent artist for just over one year. During this short time, HBKorey has successfully garnered the attention of over 19k YouTube streams on his music video for his single, "No Chances," as well as the release of his EP "HBK&Heartbreakz."

"Bum B" is a recollection of failed relationships of past and a vow never to go down similar paths again, maintaining his distance from users and abusers. HBKorey unleashes his rhymes with swagger and rhythmic sleekness, creating an air of confidence now that he has moved on. The soulful piano, combined with the low grinding beat and ticking percussions, created a charged and free-flowing atmosphere. HBKorey crafts witty lyrical verses that deliver his message to his listeners. As HBKorey raps through his chorus, we hear lines delivered with swage like " Ah you think you bad now, pillow talking out your ass now, ya I sit back and laugh now, how your future is your past now," as HBKorey unleashes his honest and frank material, an assuring hum accompanies his delivery adding to the self-assured lyrical performance. If you're looking for a song to move past heartache and interject some "clap-back" into your life, listen to HBKorey "Bum B" today.

Discover "Bum B" here.


Hello H BKorey, and welcome to BuzzMusic. We loved your latest release "Bum B." Can you start off by telling our listeners a bit more about the concept of the song? The concept pretty much came from me dealing with a lot of relationships that weren't up to par with my standards. Your lyrics on "Bum B" allow the listener to dissect a moment of your past where you have been burned and mistreated. Do you typically write from a personal place?   Everything I write or freestyle is from a personal place, if I said it then it means I experienced it. I don’t rap cap lol You mentioned you have only been creating music for just over a year. What made you finally make the decision to explore a career in music?

I wanted to explore music as a career when I received good reviews from supporters and I got tired of having artists speak for me with their music because sometimes they don’t relate 100 percent to me so I rather express my own words thru music for others where I won’t

leave out details. "Bum B" isn't just filled with vibing beats, there is a true harmony of sound that exists within the track. Can you tell us a bit about your process in developing a piece?  You just gotta feel the beat and let it flow, can’t be afraid to say something different or a certain melody. It’s music at the end of the day, it’s creative.

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