He’s Back And Better! Truth Gordon With “Comrade”

Truth Gordon is back! And he’s ready to cultivate you with his single “Comrade”. In case we need to remind you of this promising rapper, Truth Gordon isn’t new to impressing a crowd. He opened up for big named artists such as BIG Krit and T-pain and he has an upcoming feature from Moon Taxi. with a sound described as soulfully blended with acoustic guitars and indie aesthetics, many labels have compared Truth Gordon to iconic rappers including J.cole, Kendrick Lamar, and Big Krit. however, he still keeps his own style intact and it’s apparent in “Comrade”.

“Comrade” showcases Truth’s raspy and gritty vocal resonance while he delivers a fire, breathe controlled flow in which is powerful yet lyrically witty and dynamically impressive. The wordplay in “Comrade” had twists and turns, while remaining consistently catchy. As mentioned before, Truth Gordon is the true essence of a rapper due to his ability to smoothly transition through his bars. His lyrical content was hard-hitting while maintaining an entertainment factor to the different punchlines. While listening to “Comrade” you capture the complete meaning of his sound. You’re almost sure that music is something he was meant to do, and comes almost natural to him. We wondered in what ways would he elevate himself from the last time we heard him when we listened to “Fade Away” and he showed us that elevation isn’t the challenge for his career! “Comrade” was another addicting hit that has us completely tuned in to what Truth Gordon will deliver us next.

Check out "Comrade" here!


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