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He’s Not A Rapper, He's A Vigilante With A Hit Under His Wing: WILL EQ

WILL EQ, which is an acronym for (WE IGNORE LIFE LESSONS EVERYTHING is a QUESTION) Is probably going to be the most unique artist you’ve heard in a recent while! He doesn’t consider himself a rapper, but rather a vigilante. He refuses to conform to what the music industry appoints rappers to be. Will EQ always had a strong will and passion for music, however it never sat well with him how the industry was set up to "rape and steal" from the artists. Hence, Will EQ took some time off and completed his degree in Psychology. After his hiatus, he reemerged on the scene, with a "bag" full of hits and a goal of always being a champion (fighting) for all the true creators out there!

Will EQ released his single “Lupita” off his EP titled “Playlist Picasso: Songs For Your Girl”. Matching the title of the project, "Lupita" is a trendy hit we can serenade our love interest while also keeping that swag in tact. "Lupita" starts off with a setting. The intro sounds creates the melodic urban feel (similar to J Cole instrumentals). That popular trap sound transitions in and you’re prone to nod your head in rhythm. Will EQ surprises me when he begins to sing after the addicting repetitive hook of “Lupita”. “I feel like a king every time sing (With you)” he carries a melody without missing a note with just two words “With You”.

Will isn’t done with showing us all his facets in “Lupita”. He starts to deliver an errorless flow with counted bars and witty punchlines. He showcases more of his vocals in a slight autotune for a stylistic delivery. “Lupita” was a nice vibe I found myself thoroughly jamming too.

Listen to "Lupita" here and get to know Will EQ in our interview below!

Care to introduce yourself to our readers?

My name is Will EQ Aka Playlist Picasso.

How would you further describe the term “vigilante” for our readers?

Well, this may sound cliche but I don’t really consider myself a “rapper”.  Throughout history we have communicated and voiced our concerns through our music and poetry.  So when I say I am a Vigilante, I mean someone who uses hip hop as an outlet to stand for something and someone who is willing to go against the grain.  That aspect of going against the grain and standing for something is missing in today’s music landscape. 

When did you begin to notice the corruption in the music industry?

It’s always been corruption in the music business.  Especially when dealing with people of color.  Earlier on in the music Industry they would even use white imagery for music created and performed by black people.  A black man would sing a song and they would put a white man on the cover of the record.  That form of discrimination/corruption, although it may take different forms, has been pretty consistent over the decades.  However, for me personally, I got to see the various layers of corruption first hand when I started writing for different people in the industry.

How do you plan on overcoming any negative environment in your career?

I think connecting with like minds is key.  Although we have a corrupted music industry, there are still a few honest people left that actually care about the genre.  And linking with those people is the key to overcoming the negativity out there. 

What’s the most exciting part about being an independent artist?

Independence is the most exciting part of being an independent artist.  If you check my earlier work you can see I had no filter.  I didn’t have to worry about who I offended.  I wasn’t just auditioning for a label or trying to look like the perfect artist in hopes a label noticed me.  I was speaking my mind and expressing myself.  I feel that renegade aspect of my music is what gained me my small cult following.

Can you tell us a bit about the creation process of “Lupita” ? Did you face any challenges along the way?

I really do have a crush on Lupita ha ha.  She’s like the perfect mix of fierce and sexy.  She’s the perfect role model for our young chocolate girls out there.  Actually she’s the perfect role model for all girls.  The songs isn’t specifically about her though.  She’s just the metaphor for all natural, beautiful and intelligent women out there.  The song was easy to write.  Like I often say it wrote itself basically. It needed to be heard.  I was just the vessel. 

What's your favorite lyric in the song? Why?

It’s hard for me to say I have a favorite line or lyric.  It changes so frequently.  But “You’re shinning, You’re shining...Your darkness is blinding” is a great play on words to me.  I get the most response from the line “she says ‘I’m rude I’m a Taurus though’ please stop accusing you’re horoscope”.  A lot of my Taurus women out there have gotten a kick out of that line.

What's next for you in 2019?

For me, 2019 is going to be about releasing a boat load of new music.  I have so much new, great music I want to share with the world!  So, 2019 is going to ALL be about the music for me.  You guys will be getting songs from me as an artist and songs I've wrote for other artists.  I am going to keep putting out art!   


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