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Head Down the Coast, Windows Down to Coast Red’s Fresh Hit: “Weekend Like”

Hit the road and crank up Coast Red’s fresh new track, “Weekend Like.” Hailing from Los Angeles, this rock foursome is creating Cali-rock infused tracks that generate an oasis of sound. “Weekend like” infuses a sixties vibe guitar that fuses fresh heavy rock guitar riffs. Coast Red’s music bends the ear to sounds of the past that took a time-trip into the future. Frontman Jacob Sloan injects hip vocals, his voice with the markings of Weezer’s Rivers Cuomo and the strokes Julian Fernando Casablanca’s, like a true frontman, the vocals are never overpowered by the rhythmic guitars and percussion- it’s a crisp, cohesive blend of pacific rock. From their humble beginnings as a garage band studying at San Diego State University, their sound only flourished and fast forward six years later. Coast Red is traveling up and down the SoCal coast, lighting up shows, and pleasing crowds across the state. “Weekend Like,” is the first title track of their latest album: ‘Dreamin II,’ a follow up to their attention-grabbing 2017 album ‘Dreamin’. The middle eight on “Weekend Like” offers a racing guitar solo while the drums tumble in the background, it’s a fast-paced moment in the song to rock out to- air guitar all the way for those jamming along listening.

Discover “Weekend Like” here.

Hey Coast, Red and welcome to BuzzMusic! We were very impressed with “Weekend Like”! Can you tell us a bit about how the song came together?

Weekend Like came together at the beginning of 2018 in Orange County, CA. The guitar riff, verses, and chorus were constructed by Jacob Sloan on a newly strung Yamaha acoustic guitar. After creating two verses that suggest a playful and inviting atmosphere, the chorus could only be one question: “what’s your weekend like?” With the basic structure down, Jacob brought the song to Chase Dillon one night to write a bass part to add more lively and bouncy layers onto the song. All that was needed to be done at that point was to add a snappy drum beat. When drummer Mike Booth joined the band in April 2018, this was the first song he sunk his teeth into. He finished off the song by bringing dynamics from beginning to end. Making each verse and interlude louder as the song comes to a climactic finish. The knot of this song was officially tied. 

Weekend Like Music Video is almost finished, we should be releasing it to the public sometime in July. The music video is a perfect depiction of what the song is conveying. Can’t wait for you to see it. 

The air of SoCal is very apparent in your music, what about California is such an inspiration to your creative process?

CoastRedwas born in San Diego grew up in Orange County and now resides in Los Angeles. These three very important stops on the coast of Southern California are the soul of everyCoastRedsong. The cool ocean breeze experienced while driving PacificCoastHighway is what you breathe when you listen to Coast Red. This is because the songs were written and inspired by the fun-loving nature of being on the coast of Southern California. 

What does the creative process look like for you as a band?

In the past, Jacob would write the song with lyrics and a structure in mind then bring it to the band to bring it to life. Each musician Jacob worked with from 2014-2017 brought a new perspective to each song. This process brought you Dreamin & Dreamin II and will continue to be a useful approach to writing songs. With the current lineup (Mike Booth, Chase Dillon, and Brandon Heil), the writing process is more organic. A song can be written based off of any guitar part, vocal melody, chorus, etc. We jam through it a few times and add changes into new parts when we see fit. This process is more collaborative and gets everyone on the same creative wavelength in the room. 

You’ve clearly grown your sound since those early days collaborating in a garage. Can you tell us how your production process has changed since the beginning days?

In those crucial beginning days, the production to create our first demo was done in a garage. Dreamin was also recorded in a garage, but vocals were done in a closet. Produced by a former guitar player in the band, Cameron Royce, this EP was really the initial spark that showed Jacob that writing these songs was worth it. But it all started from the ground up.  On the demo we used one condenser mic in the middle of the room for the drums. As opposed to Dreamin II, we had the drums professionally recorded from a friend named Drew Parra. Our bassist Chase produced the Dreamin II LP with stems from various recording sessions that took place from summer 2018 to spring 2019 - released on September 23, 2019. Through these years of Coast Red growing as a band, the willingness to produce good sounding records increased. Currently we work with the original drummer in Coast Red, Nick Noble. He produced our single called “Yes Man” - streaming on all platforms starting May 29.

Nick has worked with producers in association with SWMRS and Fidlar. He has brought a professional aspect to Coast Red that has never seen the light of day. The future is bright!


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