Head Fake Brings Back '80s Alternative With New Track "Cigarette"

Music trio Head Fake brings a sense of nostalgia with modern-era feels with their music! As an Alternative/Indie music group, Head Fake exploits their eclectic vocal style in the best way possible. We receive a similar sound with each and every track the band releases, but it's a common time of loosening and becoming alleviated by their music's unique energy. Head Fake's most recent EP release, titled "EP2", has fully embodied late '80s instrumental themes, bringing about an intriguing pop-country fusion into the Alt/Indie sound. 

Head Fake released "Cigarette", which is the first track off of "EP2". Head Fake uses monotone vocal stylings in order to bring about their alternative sound. With a combination of retro synths with contemporary elements within the current alternative scene, Head Fake offers this refreshing take on their musical category. We're all about finding artists that are able to manifest a sound that hasn't quite been crafted before, and "Cigarette" easily displays Head Fake's efficiency in facilitating that kind of sound. We get harsh melodies, mixed in with serene moments the song holds, which ultimately constructs this contrasting atmosphere that feels composed. "Cigarette" is enriching, and Head Fake only continues to show us that their invariability is what ironically heightens their fundamental sound. 

Listen to "Cigarette" by Head Fake here


Hey there, Head Fake! With the recent debut of "Cigarette", as well as "EP2", how does the trio ultimately feel with the way the '80s inspired theme executed?

Different from our first EP, we drew from a greater set of 80’s influences and ventured into alt-pop and crossover territory.  We’re very happy with the way it came out in terms of reflecting our respective musical sensibilities and hope others do as well.  We still aimed for a sonically consistent approach reflecting the music we grew up listening to.

"Cigarette" was produced by Ivan, a producer who has produced over 50 albums and singles within his 30-year music career. How did Head Fake ensure that the production matched the vision of the band, and how was it collaborating with Ivan?

Ivan got involved with the first EP through an introduction by Neurodisc/Global Heist Recordings head, Tom O’Keefe.  He has been instrumental in developing the group sound and consistency across tracks of different genres.  An amazing thing about the project is the ease with which it has come together and the general agreement on production among members.

Where did the original idea of stemming back to '80s inspired alternative music come from? Does each member of Head Fake feel inspired by this type of music?

Head Fake developed from a single recording session between Michael and James playing on themes from the alt radio of their youth. Once Ivan got his hands on it, all three agreed that there was something worth pursuing. The 80’s were a decade that had a greater influence on music than many realize and one particularly influential on the band.

Head Fake has recorded in multiple studios, ranging from studios based in London, New Jersey, Los Angeles and Miami. Out of the various locations, the band saw the cultivation of their sound successfully recorded, which location did Head Fake's music feel better-suited in?

We had an amazing session in Hollywood, Florida with our friend Lazaro Rodriguez (M.E.G. Productions) and guest vocalist Donna Allen (featured on “I’m Found”).  It was an opportunity to record in a large space with a lot of ears to hear on a nice-weather day.

What can we expect to see next from Head Fake?

Given limitations on live play in the current circumstances, and the fact that we’re not currently in the same place, we expect to keep recording using remote tools. We’ll soon be sharing the first of a series of covers.