Head “Up To The Rooftop,” With Ra7ael

The latest single release from Ra7ael comes in the form of the nostalgic and thought-provoking song "Up To The Rooftop." We're blown away by the power this song holds, filling our speakers in a magical realm brought to life by airy synths, prominent percussion patterns, and the delicate ease of accompanying symphonic elements.

Opening our ears to a reverberated and enchanting bliss as Ra7ael professes angelic croons, an abundance of joy comes reigning supreme from a ballad of this caliber. Being buoyant but profound with the lyrical content conveyed, motifs such as "Kiss with no goodbye. Stay after the sun drops. Do it and don't think twice. Let's go up to the rooftop" fills our mind with the best of both worlds.

However, what captures our attention has to be the reminiscent hues pouring in from an 80s-styled hit. Basking in memories of our own by relating to the experiences of Ra7ael is such grand energy to latch onto. It heightens our senses and opens us to the familiarity Ra7ael has intended to place in "Up To The Rooftop."

Ra7ael expresses the many sides of himself he has to showcase one catchy single at a time. Now, drawing in listeners with his highly infectious sound, we're ready to see what comes from this up-and-coming talent. "Up To The Rooftop" is available on all streaming platforms for your enjoyment.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Ra7ael, and congratulations on the release of your latest single, "Up To The Rooftop." In your own words, what does a song of this stature mean to you?

Thank you so much! Every time that I drop a new song it feels like an intern victory. With “Up To The Rooftop” it feels like I’m showing a different face of my musicality and how far I can go with it. It doesn’t sound like the kind of song that people would expect from an artist like me.

How does it feel to be so open to your emotions when creating? Is there ever a part of you that you want to keep hidden from your audience?

I believe there are many lovers that can relate to me about being romantically impulsive. The lyrics are about jumping into decisions and situations in a relationship where feelings are uncertain and unstable. The building would be the level that is in a relationship and the rooftop in this case would be the last level where it gets more serious. I’m always covering my lyrics with metaphors and fake scenarios whenever I’m feeling like singing something that I don’t want to give too many details about. So I wouldn’t say that I’m trying to hide something, but it’s necessary some effort and imagination for whoever wants to understand more about my world.

When did you know you wanted to take your music seriously and pursue this as a career?

It all started as a dream when I was 13 years old when I was doing singing classes and picturing myself as a Pop singer, but I never came to the right opportunity or any motivation from my family to pursue a musical career during that long long time. I only started to take it seriously after leaving college and working my ass off until getting enough money to move to California.

How have you grown as an individual from your first song release to now?

I’ve been more respectful and patient with my own time and growth as an artist. I also realized that I need to be more precise while taking decisions and choosing the kind of people to work with in my future projects.

What's next for you?

I’m expecting in releasing as many songs as possible over this year, find some sick collabs for the next few singles, and shoot a music video as soon as possible.