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Heaps Good Friends Continue to Create a Heaping Good Time With New Release, "Fold Laundry Together"

Grab all your pots and pans out of the kitchen and get those wooden spoons ready because this next single from indie-pop's best buddies, Heaps Good Friends, will make you want to hammer along to the addictive energy on display in, "Fold Laundry Together." With a bubbly personality and a sound that borrows heavily from '80s synth-pop masterpieces, these three amigos find solace in imparting some of their cheeky, laundry detergent perfuming romance onto their fanbase. In a story so charming, you'd hope to experience a similar laundry folding experience for yourself; this song evolves as it soars through the atmosphere leaving behind a cotton candy-colored clouds, leaving you comfortable under the florescent shade, away from the complicated shine of today's events. From hypnotic synth motifs to transitional "doo-wap." Reminiscent vocal hooks, Heaps Good Friends have managed to refurbish a sound so beloved from the '80s, and they're doing it with even keel entertaining wit. The band outlined its light-hearted hooks supported by the trademark synth character Heaps Good Friends is known for with guidance from distinguished producer Konstantin Kersting (Tones & I) on this track. "Fold Laundry Together," features a production that feels wide and encompassing, while the vocals feel up close and personal. When the attention-commanding synths arrive, it's game set and match, these sonic vibrations have gone 40-love all over your wildest indie-pop dreams. If you've never experienced the deranging pulling off a song that makes you want to burst out into your version of a footloose dance break, then you need to look no further.

You can listen to "Fold Laundry Together" here.


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