Hear the Dreamy Song "Pictures" From Bella Bradley

The piano plays like a graceful ballerina around Bella Bradley's latest release, "Pictures." A heavenly voice bathed in light illuminates the soundscape as Bella Bradly ushers the listener to a place of tranquility. From West Sussex, UK, Bella is a 21-year-old singer taking inspiration from classical Italian "cantante femminile" like Maria Callas, to influential female artists such as Mini Riperton, Stevie nicks, Lana del Rey. Bella's compositions are wistful and airy, painting a dreamscape within her world of sound.

"Pictures" transports between heavenly lit verses and low electro-synth shockwaves on the chorus, it's like a gate opening between the two dimensions of sound. The different aura's of sound illustrates the troubled lyrics of a crushed love and the vertical climb ahead back to happiness. The delicate piano pieces, which are sentimentally scattered throughout "Pictures," give you the same dreamy feeling when you look through old photo albums, reminiscing of happy moments in time. Bella's voice touches the listener with a lullaby softness while alluring the listener with her more powerful vocal displays, Bella's gives a mesmerizing acrobatic lyrical performance. Her delicate way of weaving an imaginative soundscape embraces an emotional connection with her listeners. Take a moment to explore Bella Bradley's latest release "Pictures" today.