Hear the Sweet Sounds of Love on Hasani Dada’s Balladic Single “Soul Food”

Los Angles based Neo-Soul/R&B artist Hasani Dada returns to the scene with his sincere single “Soul Food”. Known in the real world as Arthur Wesley, he took his talent from Florida to LA all to continue his venture of making music through love and authenticity. With the release of his groovy R&B single “Soul Food”, Hasani Dada takes serene melodies to new and intriguing planes. With peaceful underlying production supporting his heartfelt message to his lover, he graces us with a blissful ballad that proves the longevity and talent of Hasani Dada through his passionate approach to creation.

“Soul Food” opens with bright and chiming synths overtop mid-tempo R&B kicks and snaps. As Hasani Dada’s mesmerizing vocals take center stage, he sings loving lyrics that portray his deep-running emotion and grace towards his significant other. He moves back and forth between sincere compliments and witty sensual charm that takes us on a pure neo-soul/R&B adventure. Hasani Dada’s vocals display clear-cut authenticity through his powerful melisma and broad range, all while serenading us with boundless affection. While “Soul Food”s supporting production maintains a steady groove throughout the tracks entirely, we’re left giving our undivided attention to Hasani Dada’s intoxicating vocals. “Soul Food” is definitely a track to add to your playlist, be sure to give it the love it deserves.

Listen to "Soul Food" here.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Hasani Dada! We’re mesmerized by you sincere lyrics and passionate vocals on your single “Soul Food”. How did you go about gathering your emotions to find the right lyrics for your single “Soul Food”?

Thank you for the love! Soul Food was created by me just having fun on YouTube one day. I was cleaning up the house, dancing & singing to random tunes when I stumbled across this one groovy beat. I instantly stopped sweeping, stared at my tv & sang "You're my soul foooood". I instantly started free-styling thinking of nothing but love & joy. I said to myself: "THIS IS A HIT"! I recorded a voice memo & tweaked it up. Next thing I knew, it was on Apple Music.

Through your track “Soul Food”, we’re getting the idea that the song was inspired by someone who Hasani Dada loves dearly. What made you express your love through music, and convey your passion in greater detail than words through your singe “Soul Food”?

Music is one of the most powerful ways to deliver a message. When you listen to "Soul Food" you instantly want to step touch.    You don't have to be a dancer to get down on this song! It's "feel good" music, we all need a reminder of how it feels to just simply be happy.

We’ve heard that Hasani Dada creates music for the sole reason being to remind others to be happy and feel good about themselves. What made you take more of a conceptual route when creating music, rather than music that displays only surface-level emotion?

When it comes to my craft, everything has to be heartfelt. If it's not from the soul you won't hear my voice. I'm a chosen vessel. I was strategically designed to guide people to their happiness with my music. I can't fake my style, only coming with authentic heat. We have more than enough depressing music. I'm balancing it out.

From the release of your debut EP in 2018 to Hasani Dada’s current sound today, have you noticed much change within your sound or approach to music? Or any growth that you personally took note of?

I can definitely say I'm vocally, emotionally & creatively stronger than ever. Each day I'm getting better. It's a journey discovering what your voice can do. I'm walking into my destiny. I realized I had to stop thinking & start being. Once you start being, each step gets easier.

What can we expect to see from you throughout 2020?

Nothing but "Black Boy Joy". More music, videos, photoshoots, podcasts & vegan meals. I have a lot of exciting projects coming soon! Remember to live each day like it's your last! Peace, Love & Light.