Hear the Sweet Sounds of Love With Austin Riddles' Single “Navy"

Birmingham native R&B artist Austin Riddle graces us with his incredibly groovy and modern hit “Navy.” Also, being a classically trained concert and jazz pianist, Austin Riddle grasps inspiration from R&B across the decades, adding his own 80’s inspired flair to his sound. With his latest release “Navy,” we’re able to hear these melodic sentiments, yet Austin Riddle perfectly adds in modern and indulgent production aspects letting his sound thrive uniquely. With his sweet-sounding vocals and groovy production, he serves us a catchy and timeless love song that we’re easily able to sing along with.

Staring off with filtered and melodic electric guitar, “Navy” takes a hypnotic turn into an incredibly danceable R&B beat and Austin Riddle’s precise delivery, flawlessly riding the beat. Giving us a warm and bright atmosphere full of love, Austin Riddle provides lyrics that surround his limitless passion for his significant other without a doubt insight. He’s perfectly able to translate his emotions to lyrics, expressing that his partner taught him patience while beautifully serenading them with pure vocals and raw talent. The beat remains steady and supports Austin Riddle’s vocals through a variety of subtle instrumentals and kicking drum breaks that keep our attention locked in. Truly portraying his powerful emotions, Austin Riddle’s “Navy” breaks the norms of current R&B. Be sure to listen to "Navy" here.