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HEARD IT FIRST: New artist Cameron Schultz brings us “Mr. Jonas”

Cameron Schultz is a young, new, emerging artist that is from South Dakota. At the mere age of 17 years old, he not only writes and sings, but he also plays the guitar! Cameron also paints which makes him the ultimate artist. He has a sort of “spooky brightside” about him that is carried through in his music. Breaking out of what we hear of as the norm with his style of music. Bringing a new sound to the music world, Cameron is releasing his debut song title “Mr. Jonas” and we get to hear it first!

I am and always will be a fan of an artist that plays their own instruments. Cameron has some serious skills with his guitar and has master the art of singing and playing without missing a beat. The song has a lull to it that rocks you into a calm state of mind. I love that we are able to hear not only his instrumental talents but his vocal talent as well. I would love to hear what the story is behind this wonderful lullaby. The art for “Mr. Jonas” is simple yet strikes a mood and can really get a conversation going. To “Mr. Jonas” I bid you a good man and an even better artist!

Check it out here! Read our exclusive interview with Cameron down below!

Hello there! Care to introduce yourself to our readers?

Well, of course! My name is Cameron Schultz and I'm 17. I'm from a tiny town in South Dakota, which honestly bores me to death. Along with music, I paint and enjoy reading a lot. 

What got you started in music and who inspires your passion for music?

An old friend taught me the basics of guitar, and it just kind of grew from there. Also, I used to have a singing coach who really got me into singing when I was about 14. Some of the artists I strive after would be Mom Jeans, Fredo Disco, and Hobo Johnson. Simple chords with complex lyrics.

Can you give us a little backstory on “Mr. Jonas”?

The song itself is about a florist, as you may tell, but it goes a bit deeper than that. I would love to say there's a completely set meaning, but I think it should mean whatever people want it to mean. 

Being that you are only 17 and doing getting started in the music industry, do you have any fears? If so what are they?

I do, a lot. I fear failure, but even more so I fear the unknown. It's easy to be scared of things you don't know. I fear that people won't enjoy the things I have to say. But, that definitely won't stop me.

What can we expect from you musically in the next few months?

Well, I'm currently working on the rough outlines of a full fledge album, so definitely be on the lookout! 


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