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Heartbreak Has A New Anthem With MGNIFID's, "Leave It Alone"

The versatile essence of MGNIFID has us fixated on this entertainer hailing from the Midwest. Bringing forth a sultry, robust experience as she stands tall in her power, MGNIF.I.D emphasizes audio storytelling with a creative vibe. The artist, producer, creative director, and activist lives her life by the infamous Mean Girls quote, 'the limit does not exist,' and allows her range in expressions to take her to extreme heights.

As we take in the perfect blend of ambient and upbeat in her most recent single, "Leave It Alone," we're fully absorbed in the vibrant soul that's present in this masterpiece. MGNIFID's soothing vocals offer up a crisp and imaginative delivery as you relate to the clear and precise words she magnetically professes. There's a protruding theme captured in the realm of heartbreak songs that have club appeal, and MGNIFID hits it out of the park with this one.

Although single for a few years at the time of writing, MGNIFID does an excellent job placing herself in past scenarios to bring life to an emotion that many experiences. "Leave It Alone" reimagines the entire thought process that you have to be stuck in your feelings while experiencing heartache. This record transports a bold and compelling nature that reintroduces a pep in your step as you prepare to venture your life solo for the time being.

Being an unforgettable track that makes us want to call up our friends and let loose, "Leave It Alone" has found its home in the anthemic realm of power ballads to grow through. MGNIFID has us getting lost in the infectious grooves of familiarity and confidence by becoming well-acquainted with the repeat button and her latest banger.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, MGNIFID! We absolutely love the concept that you bring life to in "Leave It Alone." Could you please take us into the deeper meaning that's laced into this record? What do you hope your audience can take away from this song?

I don’t really like to make songs about people in general. I’m not Taylor Swift. As brilliant as she is, I just don’t like making songs personal about relationships I’ve had. That’s too much praise for them and the focus off of me and my creativity. It’s a song of words left unsaid or said out loud. We don’t always enjoy the space of vulnerability, so when it’s time, to be honest, and you’re not ready, it feels like you’ve missed your chance. This song is open and honest, wanting to be received but, that’s out of my control, so you leave it alone and let fate runs its way. I want my audience to vibe by letting go. How good it feels to release control with vulnerability and honesty. I want my audience to twerk and throw that ass while surrendering to what’s out of our control!

Now, you weren't personally going through a heartbreak at the time of writing, so how did you find the process of stepping into a different emotion while creating "Leave It Alone"?

I wrote this song while I was living in Los Angeles in 2020. Looking for beats online, I came across this beat produced by Trazilla and immediately fell in love. I was dancing and grooving, and it felt really good to just vibe to. When I write my songs, I let the music take me to that place where I just flow, and in writing Leave It Alone, I imagined myself dancing the tango for the last time with a partner in our living room, and it became dramatic, lol. I live for the chances to be vulnerable, I love open space, and if I get my heart broken in the end then, I’ll leave it alone, heal and recover.

From writing this piece to this present moment, how has your headspace adapted to the thoughts and emotions felt in this song?

I still vibe when I listen to this song! I really enjoyed creating this with Conductor Sian at PlayHaus Studios in LA. It’ll never go out of style! I can imagine playing this at the end of every set on my reunion tour, going out with a classic banger! You might be cry but you’re still turned up!

What has been the best piece of advice that you've applied to your artistic career?

Always finish your creations. Art comes from the soul and when you create you’re being assisted by influence and desire to act it out. If you’re afraid of your big dreams, that’s amazing, because you’re about to hit your mark. Appreciate your art and your passion to create and have fun!! Enjoy the process, it’s usually way more rewarding when you’re playing around and having fun than after you achieve your goal so it’s an endless win-win!

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