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Heartbreaker Marzboygenius Released His Trendy Record “Broken Hearts”

Marzboygenius is a rapper, hip-hop artist, producer, and songwriter born and raised in New York City.  Although he also loves to create music in the genre he likes to call ‘hybrid-pop’, he more so identifies himself in the realm of alternative hip-hop. As a genuine musician, Marz’ passion for creating and producing began at a very young age when he made original music for a band he had in high school, playing and teaching himself the drums and the bass guitar. Today, his music and style intertwine perfectly and as as fluidly as his raps and beats. He released his single titled “Broken Hearts” and he got the swag, sound and overall full package that’s going to curate him as a trendy artist. Marzboygenius comes out the door swinging with a hit record. The beat to “Broken Hearts” is what’s selling now. This current generation is a huge fan of the hard-hitting bass and a beat that could you blast on your car stereo, and “Broken Hearts” delivered that. A witty and repetitive lyricism that Marzboygenius was able to customize and detail it up with slight autotune while he projects his appealing flow was the way to create a mainstream appeal to his artistry. “I feel like I got a broken heart” “I feel like I might have broke your heart” he sings before his catchy bars comes in. after listening to this song I became interested on the type of artist Marzboygenius would be live. You become more intrigued with the artist and how he would deliver this song in person without the added on detail to the vocals. All in all, Marzboygenius has a hit record on his belt that could generate amazing buzz and translate well across this current era of hip-hop lovers.

Catch Marzboygenius' new hit "Broken Hearts" on Spotify, and catch the artist's short (but sweet) interview below!


Marzboygenius is a unique name, how did you come up with it? Care to tell our readers a little about yourself and your musical journey?

I came up with that name when I was 13 because my name is Omari so thats where I got 'Marz' from and I was 13 so thats where the 'boygenius' is from.

How did your New York upbringing influence you choosing music as your career?

It wasn't really New York that influenced me it was more of just my family being very musically influenced that made me want to make music.

We love your new song "Broken Hearts"! What inspired you to write “Broken Hearts”?

Life experiences with certain relationships I let go of was my reasoning behind writing the songs.

Were there any challenges during the creation process of "Broken Hearts"?

Not really any struggles with making the song at all the process was pretty stressless.

Do you have any music favorites right now? Who are you listening too?

My favorite song right now is Gunna and Carti 'Same Young Nigga' its been on repeat for me I love the feeling of it. 

Have you performed live yet? Any specific city or venue you want to perform at?

I have a couple times I want to perform in the 4040 club that would be lit or the Highline Ballroom. I would perform in any city. 

What’s the impression you hope people receive on you after listening to “Broken Hearts”?

I hope people feel my pain when they hear the song. 


Connect with Marzboygenius on Instagram and Twitter.


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