Heartfelt Tenors Come With a Side of Confidence in King Jay’s, “Can’t Live Without You”

19-year-old King Jay is versatile with the music he crafts. Hailing from Columbus, Ohio, the ability to write music and his general love for the art stemmed from within him at a young age.

Being greatly encouraged by his friends, King Jay began using music as his therapy when he was surrounded by gang activity in the neighborhood he lived in. Through the trials and tribulations that life brought him, that act of being in the studio gave him gratitude and hope for a better tomorrow.

Enlisting the talents of Zaetacion on his most recent single, “Can’t Live Without You,” King Jay radiates his melodic charisma over mid-tempo instrumentation sure to get you tapping your fingers to the beat. Weaving in and out of his verses with an unmatched swagger, the lyrical content tiptoes on the line of love and healing narratives.

The reverberated chambers that King Jay’s vocals reside in allow the effect of his words to linger on your mind and simmer in your thoughts as emotion is surfaced. As the enticing musical elements progress, you get swept into the slick cadences that effortlessly flow in a therapeutic manner.

Combining the skills of both King Jay and Zaetacion on “Can’t Live Without You,” we hear just how malleable the techniques of King Jay truly remain. As Zaetacion delivers a blatant verse with precision, King Jay swoops in with his unbothered persona as he drips his authenticity through the lyricism conveyed, both creating a dynamic universe to feast upon.

Destined to elevate through his craft and as an individual, King Jay holds the goal of instilling faith in those listening dear to his heart. Looking forward to his next series of moves, we’ll happily play “Can’t Live Without You,” on repeat.

Listen to "Can't Live Without You" here.


Welcome to BuzzMusic, King Jay, and congratulations on the release of “Can’t Live Without You.” What inspired you to take this approach in the track's meaning? Was there influence from a specific moment or story?

“Can’t Live Without You” was inspired by a special girl who came into my life. She made me feel like I could be myself always and I loved her. But as you can hear in the song, she ended up moving away suddenly and I’m just telling the audience how I felt when she left and putting my emotions into the track of how I truly miss her & her vibe. I was deeply scarred for a while and I felt as if I couldn’t live the same without her.

What was it like working with Zaetacion to bring this vision to life? How did the two of you link up to collaborate?

Working with Zaetacion is lit and always productive. He made the song balanced and smooth with a more hip-hop approach with his verse. We both have had the same situations leading to heartbreak so he understands and was a big factor in bringing my vision for the song more life. We both always keep in contact so one day I asked him could he relate to a song I sang acapella over the beat and he liked it and asked if I had an open verse available. we linked at the recording studio he had his verse he showed me and I liked how he talked about his past relationship situation through the hip-hop rapping flow.

Could you please share a glimpse into what the creative and recording process looked like for “Can’t Live Without You?"

We linked at the recording studio he had his verse he showed me and I liked how he talked about his past relationship situation through the hip hop rapping flow. When I made my verse I took some things that I wrote and also I freestyled some things because I wanted to make the song neat and put my emotions I felt at that moment of me recording in there. I have a unique sound and I wanted to use that to make the song as good and different as possible.

What are you hoping that your audience takes away from the song's meaning?

I hope the audience can listen and understand the feeling of not being able to let go of the one special person in their lives. And how if you were in the situation where your special someone was leaving out your life the emotions you feel can be overwhelming. But despite all the negative emotions that come with your heartbreak never give in to despair because you will find love again one day. I also want them to know it’s okay to let your emotions out and if you truly love someone always speak from the heart when you talk to them.

What's next for you?

I will continue to make music and get better and elevate to be noticed worldwide and spread the message to always strive for your goals and be you. Tune in to me I will also continue to drop more songs and work towards my vision and dream of being one of the greatest. Thank you.