Heather Christie Proves to Be an Artist With a Purpose With Her Latest Release "After the Fire"

Heather Christie is here today to highlight the luscious soundscape of her recent single, "After the Fire". Heather Christie hails from our favorite state of California, where she finds herself intrinsically creating performance-driven music. Finding herself completely immersed in the art of singing, songwriting, music production and performance art, Heather Christie aims to create a narrative that is absolutely original and authentic in all forms. That's why you can expect to hear personal and in-depth affiliations throughout her music, and especially so in "After the Fire".

"After the Fire", and the song takes on a very mellow and subtle ambiance. With the use of prominent string and percussion instruments, "After the Fire" is able to present itself with potent and melancholic energy. Once listeners are introduced to the immersive soundscape, the vocals of Heather Christie and artist Evan Fraser lightly pierce the air, and blend with one another in quite the harmonious manner. We feel ultimately serene with the design of the vocals. In comparison, "After the Fire" reminds us of a rose. You peel back each petal, layer by layer, and only receive more of a finely packed and enriched substance. The melody is light and aromatic like the flower but brings themes and intuitions similar to the feeling of a thorn. Heather Christie's passion is undeniable in this single release, as you can easily feel the emotionality course through your veins as you venture along "After the Fire". It's easy to say that we're undoubtedly intrigued by future organic offerings from Heather Christie.

Check out "After the Fire" by Heather Christine, here.

Hey there, Heather Christie, and welcome to BuzzMusic! Congratulations on releasing "After the Fire", your recent music offering! What kind of properties did you hope to pack into this particular single, and how did you intend your listeners to decipher the song?

‘After the Fire’ alludes to the state of the world in the age of the Coronavirus and the changes of the earth, where nothing is as it was. The lyrics ‘we’ll be dancing in the rain …after the fire’ are a wistful call to reminisce where we’ve been as a human species and to dream up better futures yet to come. The weaving of traditional, organic sounds with modern electronic layers creates a tapestry from the 21st century.  The natural layers & rhythms of the African instruments riding amidst the textures of the synth layers make it a perfect song for relaxing movements, such as yoga or dance.

Were there any new elements that you incorporated into "After the Fire" that contracted from previous releases the music world has seen from you thus far?

I am focusing more on world instruments, specifically from Africa and Brazil, with this release than I ever have before. I am working with friends - like Evan Fraser of the experimental electronica band Dirtwire - to incorporate unique ethnic sounds amidst my trademark flavor of soul-downtempo. This combination really lights me up right now.

Your artistry extends out to various aspects, such as the fact that you're dedicated to music and vocal coach! How would you say the experience of constructing and recording your own music compare to helping another design their vocal sound? What type of artistic and personal benefits would you say you receive from both?

I receive more inspiration for deepening and improving my own artistry and sound from offering my resources to others. It's like a feedback loop. Giving back and offering skills and knowledge helps give me the inspiration to keep creating, and vice versa. 

Besides being a multi-faceted artist, you're also an individual who involves themselves in feminine empowerment, working with organizations such as Women's Earth Alliance. Would you say that being involved with women's empowerment allows you to take on a different approach and/or perspective when creating your own music? 

Of course. Being involved in Women's Earth Alliance and similar organizations makes me feel like my music is part of a greater whole, a bigger story. We are all going toward the same goal, so reaching out to bridge the gaps and see how we can support each other feels really rich, and feels even more multi-faceted than just the music by itself. It feels powerful, in that it carries a message. It feels purposeful.