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Heaven Content Will Heal Your Broken Heart In “Who’s Calling U Baby?”

From Salt Lake City, Utah, the Indie duo Heaven Content brings us their new release, “Who’s Calling U Baby?” from their latest EP, “WCUB//DA4U.”

Heaven Content drinks from Pop, Rock, RnB, and other genres to make music. They uplift your spirit and make you move your hips. Every song they make is like the soundtrack of the best moments of your life. The artistic vision, production, and musical skills of Heaven Content are out of this world. You can’t miss listening to them.

Heaven Content’s “Who’s Calling U Baby?” begins with a blissful electric guitar with a fantasy-like synth in the background and a buzzing bass. Then the drums come in with energy and make your body move. The reverberant effects on the instrumentals make them sound enveloping, in a chilling ambiance.

The vocals are powerful, and the range is impressive. And when you get to the chorus, the funky instrumentals and the breathtaking lament of “Who’s Calling U Baby?” get to you as a burst of euphoria. The emotional energy makes you want to dance and sing along with everything you have. It is catchy and cathartic, an incredible work.

If you are into funky music that makes you dance, “Who’s Calling U Baby?” will make it to the top of your list.

What experience inspired the lyrics of “Who’s Calling U Baby”?

The lyrics were inspired by a past relationship of mine that had ended badly and abruptly without any reconciliation on either side. The chorus explains the awful feeling of how easy it is to be replaced by somebody else and how the thought can drive you completely mad.

What were your greatest musical references when making “Who’s Calling U Baby”?

Prince has always been a big inspiration to me, as well as Japanese rock/pop. Specifically, Prince was a huge influence on me in the process of writing “Who’s Calling U Baby?”. I would implore any listener of Heaven Content to listen to Prince, as I believe there is something of his for everyone.

How does “Who’s Calling U Baby?” fit in your EP “WCUB//DA4U”?

I believe it’s important to have diversity in my music. I didn’t want to write the same type of love songs repeatedly, which is why “Who’s Calling U Baby?” and “Do Anything 4 U” are back to back on the EP. They are two sides of the same coin and only show a fraction of what we’re capable of when it comes to writing our version of pop rock. Our music can be very upbeat and happy but with heavy and sad undertones. Every song we have is different from the others and expresses the intended emotions differently.

What is one thing you would like a new listener to know about Heaven Content and your music?

Our hope is that Heaven Content is an honest and emotional experience that is for everyone to be wrapped up in and share. Check out our music video for “Who’s Calling U Baby?” there’s plenty more coming from us, so thank you for listening, and hope to see you in the future.


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