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Heavens Empty Debuts New Single, “Last Goodbye”

Born and raised in the City of Angels, Jonathan Gonzalas, the mastermind behind Heaven's Empty has an immense passion for songwriting and track creation. Heaven's Empty is a name that embodies passion and fuel for what he is trying to achieve.

Especially in music today, it is difficult to find someone who stands out with such pop-punk elements and Gonzalas wanted his name to embody this. His newest single “Last Goodbye” is an alternative track that brings pop-punk style music back in connection with hip hop and rock. This fast upbeat track will inspire listeners to move along as they feel the hurt of a broken heart and the pain of a “Last Goodbye” from a significant other in a snapping way.

Heavens Empty uses passionate lyricism to bring these pains to light in a fast-moving and intense way. With lyrics like, “This empty feeling got me drinking till there's nothing left in me,” and “another day misunderstood,” listeners are able to feel the hollow emptiness of a “Last Goodbye” while continuing to move along to the beat and melody in an intensified and harsh way.

This song is a great track for those who are losing someone they once loved and are feeling hurt yet have such an intense dedication to move on. We can not wait to hear more from this amazing emerging artist.

Your new song “Heavens Empty” is super intense yet creates a feeling of relation and connection for many listeners. What would you say was your inspiration for this track and how did that impact your musical process?

The inspiration for this track was heartache. We all been there where we remember a bad breakup, the last goodbye you ever had with that person.

What would you say have been the difficulties of being a solo artist creating these complicated and in-depth musical tracks in the pandemic this past year?

Actually appreciate the space I was given this year with the pandemic. At first, I was having such a hard time focusing on music but now looking back at the year it gave me time to not have the pressure of dropping music so often cause 1) no one else really was at first and still it isn’t as much as before covid but 2) gave me time to step back, study my past work, improve myself & lately been ready to get back at it again. Can’t wait till all people have the vaccine & can do shows again!

You mentioned your respect and admiration for artists like Ian Dior, MGK, and Yungblud! How would you say you are able to draw ideas and genre styles from them while creating your own unique sound and style?

That’s the thing to always watch out for. Never exactly copy their style. I appreciate what they do for the scene & I’m a die-hard fan of them & similar artists. They give me that drive to continue to do music because the scene is changing once again. A few years ago everyone was trying to copy Lil peep & look what it did to the market. Everyone almost sounded alike that approach never works.

Looking forward, how are you hoping to grow from the success of this track? Will you be creating music that fits into this storyline and sound or rather makes each song a unique musical experience for listeners that doesn’t connect to “Last Goodbye”?

I much rather make each song a unique storyline. I might be a little old school 2008 type songwriting but with a hint of the modern scene. I’m always driving to make the next track as much better than the last. I still got a way to go if I’m being honest but I’m hoping anyone listening like what they see, can give me that free support of just listening to my music which can provide me with that energy an artist needs to want to continue to be the best they can. I feel there are sometimes so many good artists out there that can’t catch the break they need which can lead them to quit but my advice to that is to keep pushing. Just always keep pushing, have fun with it, and ever give up your dreams.

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