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Heavy The Mountain Crashes the Party with, "Raise Your Glass"

The Los Angeles-based four-piece rock band Heavy The Mountain releases an exhilarating and stimulating music video for their latest single, "Raise Your Glass."

Comprised of Josh Terry on vocals and guitar, John Biggs on drums, John Boland on guitar, and Nathaniel Stiers on bass, Heavy The Mountain strives to bend the norms of southern rock n' roll. Inspired by acts like Black Sabbath, Pride and Glory, Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, and many more, Heavy The Mountain offers mysterious and compelling wizardry that's bound to shake your speakers.

Now releasing their powerful and anthemic single, "Raise Your Glass," Heavy The Mountain also released a refreshing music video that takes us back to the bars where we would normally bask in the glory of the energetic live bands. Heavy The Mountain offers a brilliant ode to these picturesque nights, especially through their vibrant performance.

Diving into the music video for "Raise Your Glass," the scene opens with two bikers tearing through the streets of Nashville on their motorcycles while quickly transitioning into Heavy The Mountain's steamy live performance. As they continue swooning our speakers in energy and lust, the video transitions tonight, where Heavy The Mountain's performance crashes our speakers with the utmost charisma.

With another transition to Josh Terry playing the lap guitar and picking away with incredible rhythm and groove, we later get back in the club where Heavy The Mountain continues pouring their haunting and powerhouse instrumentals over our speakers. As the video comes to an end, we're left in need of thrilling live shows like this once again.

Take a night out with Heavy The Mountain's latest music video for "Raise Your Glass," now available on YouTube.


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