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Heidi Anne Releases New Single, "Butterfly"

British Singer/Songwriter Heidi Anne is back with a strong, independent sound. After her release of "When The Sun Comes Up," featuring T-Pain, Lil Wayne and Rick Ross in 2012, and her following release of "Cryin' It Out" with Wiz Khalifa, Heidi Anne's career flourished. She's now captured a more electronic, R&B vibe than anything else, and her lyricism is more affecting than ever.

Heidi Anne has released a new single, titled "Butterfly." The song contains luscious, soft vocalism on Heidi Anne's end, and she truly embraces the full extent of her vocal range. Midway through the song, a robust vocal surprise is gifted, and the talents of Heidi Anne get authentically illuminated.

Heidi Anne's voice is full of character and affection. These characteristics fit perfectly into the narrative of "Butterfly." The song takes listeners through Heidi Anne's journey of growth and transformation, eluding to the same kind of journey a butterfly goes through.

One of the most affecting lines, "They say transformation is a beautiful thing, and I feel my wings emerging, you've got to embrace it, no matter how far, It's about revealing who you are," is sung with deep passion.

Heidi Anne shares confident, charismatic and wise advice that stimulates self-reflection. All in all, "Butterfly" displayed that Heidi Anne is all about embracing her personal revolution, which most definitely has the power to inspire many listeners in the process.

What a personal transformation you've had since the release of your infamous 2012 singles. How would you describe how your music has transformed and morphed within recent years?

After working with several different producers, labels, managers, I eventually realized that actually I needed to listen to my heart and what I wanted to do/be. I broke out of all my agreements and spent some time figuring out just what path to go down, after travelling the world, performing on cruises, in the Middle East and Asia, i decided to settle down back home, put pen to paper, and focus ALL my attention on doing what I KNEW I was put here to do. Write and record my own songs. This meant I had full control over the genre, lyrics, production, vocal style and everything else that goes with it, and I have never been happier.

Your release of "Butterfly" shared a touching narrative. What were you hoping your listeners would ultimately take away from your song and apply to themselves?

So metaphorically speaking, we all need to find ourselves, and everybody evolves in life as they experience more and more. There is no need to be afraid of being who you are - just fly and then you will be free. Don't let anyone else's opinion define you. You do that yourself, and be yourself regardless.

Were there any creative challenges surrounding the creation of "Butterfly?"

There were a few, for instance, which do I go for; the original version or the acoustic version? People seemed to be feeling the acoustic version more as it really moved them and almost gives you shivers as you connect with the song. However, in the end, I released both. I also had to tell a story lyrically, melodically and vocally.

Where do you see your sound heading next?

Being the R&B soul & pop lover I am, this is the current direction for my new album, which is looking to be released within the next 6 months.


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