$Helta Speaks of Rising to the “Top"

$helta is a Minot based Hip-Hop artist and entrepreneur who’s vision is to positively change people's lives for the better and to raise his kids the right way and set an example. $helta also has founded illaFlo Records to present previously impossible opportunities to artists. Recently, $helta released his incredibly high energy fun single “Top” and it is an absolute bop.

Instantly as the song begins we are thrown into a crazy grooving tune that is full of bouncy elements that force us to start dancing around. This inspirational tune carries through the message of rising up to the top in a very unforgettable but groovy way. “Top” is full of fun little elements that all bind together to create a dynamically interesting experience; this record features an elegant kinda jazzy piano, a dirty old school Hip-Hop drum groove, plucky little synths that have a bit of tense mood to them, and of course $helta’s incredible vocals that have a super precise flow. This release is full of good vibes and positive energy and will be on repeat all week.

Listen to 'Top' here.