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Heri Iznaga Puts His Heart On The Line In Dance-Pop Track, “How’d You Feel?”

Cuban-American singer-songwriter and producer Heri Iznaga has once again burst onto the scene with his captivatingly smooth dance track, "How'd You Feel?"

Initially gaining traction through his YouTube channel with covers of popular songs, Iznaga has taken the time to hone in on his craft and developed his own unique sound. As a result, Heri Iznaga's releases tend to center around the Electronic Dance and Dance-Pop genres, featuring his soft yet powerful vocal tones and electronic/futurist production elements to his tracks.

Heri Iznaga is constantly trying new things and expanding his portfolio by producing a variety of other genres such as Deep House, Brazilian Bass, and other more experimental sounds. We can't wait to hear what comes next from this rising star.

Now, we'll take a peek at his compelling Dance-Pop track, "How'd You Feel?" This single opens with Iznaga's smooth, soulful vocals upfront and center in the mix. We are immediately captivated by his delivery and impressive vocal performance, hooked on every word he says as he draws us deeper into the track.

The chorus of "How'd You Feel?" pumps up the energy, with production elements that are extremely satisfying and make the track impossible not to want to dance along to. Throughout the energetic track, Iznaga has managed to incorporate emotive, vulnerable lyrics, as he navigates the ups and downs of a relationship.

Iznaga has created an extraordinarily memorable and heartfelt dance track with "How'd You Feel?" and we are loving every second of it.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Heri Iznaga, and congratulations on your latest single, "How'd You Feel?" Can you tell us a bit more about the inspiration behind your captivating single?

Thank you all for having me. This song is very special to me. I came up with the initial idea of the chorus at a time when I had many things In my mind, and I had to get them out somehow. The theme of "How'd You Feel?" It is about uncertainty but also hopefulness. Uncertainty because we truly never really know where things might end up in life, with a significant other, etc. We all have these intrusive thoughts from time to time. Is asking the other person how would they feel if things didn't go as we hoped they would, would they even care? It's a very vulnerable place to be in and to ask these questions. We never want to think about these things, to begin with. We all want good things to last a lifetime, and that's the hopefulness part because there's a knowing deep down that life always finds a way to sort things out and is always working in your favor, even if it doesn't look like it at the moment.

What sort of atmosphere and vibe did you want the instrumentals and production to give off in "How'd You Feel?" Did you produce this track or have any help bringing these sonics to life?

Since the lyrics talk about the uncertain side of things, I wanted this track to have upbeat and feel-good vibes to make it sound more hopeful. I did produce, wrote, and composed the song. I have been producing for over four years now, not long, so I am definitely learning and evolving with my music every day. And I've always liked the control I have over my own projects; if there is something I don't feel 100% sure of, then I can change it and do as I like without a problem because it can be difficult to entrust your vision to other people who don't see it the same way.

Your love and passion for music and performing are extremely apparent in your releases. Do you remember where your love for music all began and who some of your biggest inspirations were growing up?

Since little, I've always been inclined towards the art world. I started drawing when I was about seven years old, but it wasn't till the age of 10 when I had received a CD with all of Michael Jackson's songs, music videos, and performances. Mind you. I was born in Cuba, so I had never seen anything like it before. I was instantly amazed at the way he sang, danced, and the way the music fit together so perfectly in one cohesive body of work. I think that was the moment that planted the seed. It wasn't until I was about 16 years old and already living in the U.S that I took the time to pursue music. That's also when I started to learn how to sing properly and watched music production classes on YouTube.

Did you have a specific idea in mind of you who hoped this song would resonate with the most? What do you hope listeners will take away from this song while listening?

I didn't really have a specific idea in mind at first. But once the song was finished, I hoped that people who might be going through that same situation of overthinking could relate. I think the subject and theme itself of "How'd You Feel?" It is very relatable and understandable for almost everybody. I only hope the listener feels heard, seen, understood, and good overall. I am also sure that some people will listen to the song and come up with their own idea of what it might be about, but… whatever they come up with, I truly hope it takes them on a journey and that it resonates with their life experiences

What's next for you?

Definitely more music. I already have other projects prepared for the rest of the year, so it's going to be a very productive one if everything goes according to plan. I am in a very good place mentally at the moment, so I feel very motivated and inspired to write new things, and lately, I have been experimenting more and more with my own sounds to hopefully come up with new and exciting ideas. I love to engage with my fans on social media and show little snippets of my future projects, so definitely make sure to follow me there if you haven't yet for more little insights and behind the scenes of my music.


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