Hi-Tone and Reverie Team Up to Bring Listeners an Important Message in “Pain”

Making music for over a decade, Hi-Tone hails from Covina while Reverie reigns from Highland Park. Placed together by Prominent Records to bring awareness surrounding mental health to the world with their collaborative release “Pain,” the message of this intimate record has been heard loud and clear by many around the globe.

Touching on such a vulnerable subject doesn’t come easy for plenty of artists, but it’s clear to us that Hi-Tone and Reverie are on a mission to instill a message. Taking in the alluring composition of “Pain,” as we grasp onto the cognizance that the lyrical motifs bring forward, there’s a splendor that lies within the instrumentation as 70s funk is sampled to round out this record.

With a nostalgic feel, you’re pulled into the head bobbing captivation that immediately pours out of “Pain.” Making a remarkable duo that shares a similar vision and the type of energy that transpires through a sonic canvas, it’s apparent that Hi-Tone and Reverie are in it for the long haul. Their talents speak for themselves in a distinctive manner that sets them apart yet joins their forces together.

Each carries a prevailing tone in how they choose to transcribe such sentimental hues and propel them into a meaningful translation surrounding mental health awareness. Hi-Tone graces the track with his emcee presence, tackling his lyrical talent in a manner that is witty and memorable. At the same time, Reverie croons soothing tones that reinforce a sense of comfort surrounding the issues addressed in “Pain.”

It’s clear to us as to why their founding label Prominent Records, has said ‘They each have their own world of music that carries its own energy: they are pure music!” Conveying that energy to listeners far and wide is only the beginning for Hi-Tone and Reverie.