High Energy Summer Vibe, Aleton Drops “Iron Man”

Aleton is an Italian music producer making waves in Germany. He transcends a wide vareity of genres including EDM,Trance,Techno, House and Trap. Making music since 2014, Aleton launched his career with Music Label Noize Bangers Records and continues to work with them to this day.

The newest club banger from the Germany based, Italian music producer, Aleton is “Iron Man”. This explosive new house track boasts good vibes and it's the perfect song to turn up to this summer. Aleton puts his own personal and original flare on a modern trance/ techno sound. The music is well mixed but not over produced. “Iron Man” features no lulls or pauses. It’s an upbeat and high energy summer track that I’ve been bumping on repeat. Aleton makes music that his fans can relate to and that’s what sets him apart in today's music industry. His explosive new track “Iron Man” is a fire track and will be bumped in clubs in all summer long. I highly recommend you check it out and keep up with Aleton for his future endeavors! 

Check out “Iron Man” here and scroll down for our interview with Aleton.

Hi Aleton! How old were you when you released your very first track?

I was 24 years old 

How does your earlier music compare to your recent release “Iron Man”?

Earlier i produced some tracks with no experience but later i was helped by my Label Boss (Noize Bangers Records)  to make better tracks year After year. So today i am wondering by myself That i can Produce tracks who could be competitive in the Music market.

Tell us what you want your listeners to take away from “Iron Man”

Its a tribute for this avenger. The Sound of this Track give this powerful feeling of Him in his Movies. But also it could be Used for a Festival Party

Do you think having diverse influences adds a unique flare to your sound? How so?

Yes because my goals are to make so Music out of the ordinary.

When you’re not making beats, what do you do?

I am married so i take time with my wife and my Little dog. I love my private Life but Music is Even a important Part of my life.

What inspired you to keep making music everyday?

I am inspired by other famous producers (like DJ Krunk, DJ Tigerlily, Jan Leyk, Mariana Bo) this are my idols! I LOVE Music and i Will Never stop to hear it and give other people every year new Music. I hope they appreciate my hard work.


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